Chess Openings – Scotch

Chess openings – Scotch
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  1. Excellent video! I also enjoyed FM James Canty III doing a video on the Scotch Gambit.

  2. It would be awesome if the instruction was focused on white and all the potential moves and responses and then a second video from blacks perspective

  3. Best video for scotch opening! The ideas and plans are laid compared to other opening videos

  4. I reckon this dude could teach rocket science to kindergarten kids and they would understand the material. He has a way of explaining things so you understand them without much effort. Great teacher/ coach

  5. very straight forward explanation ,thank you

  6. ALRIGHT! Thank you for hearing our request Master Dereque! We expect more fantastic videos in the future.

  7. Waiting for 2 weeks for your new video was worth it! xD

  8. Hi I really enjoy the video. Just a bit of constructive criticism; I would like to hear a little bit of the history about the openings and who are the players who have used it… I'm new at chess and I find your videos very educational. Thank you. Greetings from Argentina.

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