Chess openings – Sicilian Dragon

Chess openings – Sicilian Dragon
Chess openings – Sicilian Dragon
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  1. Hey Derek, another great video. Just as a tip, when showing openings for Black, it would be better to show it in black's perspective because it's easier to learn. Other than that, very nice explanation 😀

  2. Its not easy to find people to play chess where I'm at. I recommend your videos to anyone I get to talk chess with that they may also get excited about this game.
    Thank you for the great videos and the format of your posts. Totally awesome how you discuss the opening with the board on the side!

  3. Great show master! Just a few addition how to pronunce to english speakers: "Maroczy" -> Marotzy [hungarian]
    "Fianchetto" -> Fianketto [italian]

  4. Sorry, this is your first bad video.
    Too much talking and not instructive.

  5. he has become the leader of the mentoring chess opening on apps and video

  6. Really awesome teacher 🙏🙏👌👌, thanks for the lesson sir🙏🙏🙏

  7. I like dragon most. thanks for this video.

  8. yo thanks man. Now the DRAGON is Coming BEWARE.

  9. Thank you! Good tech talk. You are good teacher.

  10. Sir can you make a quick review for SNIPER variation of SICILIAN DRAGON @Dereque Kelly

  11. From all these guys who explain chess, you do it the best.

  12. I watched a lot of opening videos. But it is really different when you watch someone actually speaking in front and the way he speaks is so lovely like an orator. I love your vids. 🌻

  13. The fact that you're still getting views on this is testament to it's quality. Thanks for this amazing video. Subbed with notifications.

  14. What if after Knight to c6 white simply defends the e4 pawn with a bishop and then still plays the pawn to c4?

  15. I watch a lot of chess videos, specifically openings, the weakest part of my game, and you are the best at explaining. So thank you.

  16. next time if you teach a black opening, turn the board around.

  17. Your smile made me smile and made watch the whole video. =)

  18. Honourable sir can you please put a video on Sicilian defence from black's perspective .

  19. 10:05 I accidentally did this and learned the hard way over the weekend. I lost my rook but fought hard and won after a couple tactical gems to fork a rook later in the game.

  20. Thank you for this tutorial, is this a good black opening for a beginner?

  21. Why would you block the check with Nc6? Blocking the check with Bd7 would be much better, as you do not lose any material.

  22. Greta vids, how about flipping the Baird so when your playing ACL, we see the back side, as your other vids show when your playing white you have the board with white cow toy posted

  23. This is one of the best chess videos I've seen. Thank you so much. I really wanted to know more for the dragon.

  24. I like the way he talks, makes things easier to understand lol.

  25. Thank You for doing these videos. They are much easier than reading a book, and your explanations of the openings has savrd me sooo much time.

  26. Thank you for explaining the reasoning behind key moves! Really awesome.

  27. such a great video, as a 1000 rated player I learned a lot from this

  28. I just started to play chess now, even though your videos are almost a decade old it helps me so much 🙂 your enthusiasm sets yourself from other youtubers trying to explain chess

  29. Where is the difference between Yogoslav and English attack?!

  30. If white plays d4, can black still play f5? Is that still sicilian defense?

  31. This is fantastic!! Kudos for the clarity of the explanation, and the passion that transpires through it. Just one observation. The Italian work "fianchetto" should be pronouced something like "feeahnkaettoh" 🙂

  32. I didn't learn a thing, you talk way too fast..

  33. Mr. Kelly, thank you sooo much, I love your videos!! Such great content, thorough lessons covering great depth, and such a great demeanor and presentation for being our teacher! Can't show enough praise, very well done!

  34. I would have died if he ended the video doing a Zsnap.

  35. I recently got into chess and I've really been enjoying your openings videos. They move at a nice pace, I like how you explain each move, and they're explained in a way where I can enjoy the beginning while I'm new to the opening and I can enjoy coming back to watch again once I'm comfortable enough to learn more. Thank you!

  36. Sir you are great at explaining openings. You actually tell why the opening is the way it is instead of immediately going into some artificial game that favors the opening, like many YouTubers do

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