Chess openings – Sicilian Dragon

Chess openings – Sicilian Dragon
Chess openings – Sicilian Dragon
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  1. why can't white just move the pown behind the N and the pown in front of him and not the other night and block the pown on c2

  2. Dereque your videos are wonderful and it's great that you're still making videos after all these years. Thanks for all the chess help!

  3. very helpful! this tutorial will takes time when reading. Now it is very clear and understandable. thank you!

  4. What if white plays bishop to b5 check?
    Is bishop to d2 a good response?

  5. Finally I found the opening principles beautifully explained. I have seen all your opening repertoire videos. For me these are the best videos so far..Great Job.

  6. Stronger players, I am trying to improve by learning my opening (S Dragon) more in depth but I see chess at this level is really about who can memorize the lines more deeply. Is this true? I'm up to 1350 at Maybe I should apply what I've read and not try to memorize but play tactically until I'm 1800?? Thanks for any reply.

  7. So exactly how does black protect H7 from whites dark squared Bishop? If the bishops diagonal is so important what’s the best way to protect it?

  8. So, what would happen if if White responds to Nf6 with Bd3?

  9. If You have trouble concentrating put the speed on 1.5 it helps a lot!

  10. What if they dont take the pawn at the start or even openes up like that or makes any of those moves? Then the dragon is completely dead and cant be used?

  11. More than six and a half minutes and he's just done the sixth move!

  12. At 12:28 ,black can send pawn too next to another pawn,equaling the Bishop t to die att the hand of a pawn.

  13. do you have a video the yugoslav attack?

  14. Why dont u defende the pewn with h to d7 once it would be helpful also for the pewn structure

  15. Very nice video on Sicilian dragon… Thanks!

  16. perfect video. you managed to answer key positional questions in 1/5th of the time that they do in saint louis

  17. nice thankyou for telling me all advantage and disadvantage. I subscribe.

  18. You should have included some more points. Qa5 by black will be intersting. Just check that

  19. Best channel really why you stopped uploading more videos I learn a lot from your videos

  20. Just getting into chess and these videos really help. Your explanations really help explain where I've been going wrong in my

  21. What if white plays bishop to b5 after black plays pawn to g6?

  22. πŸ’™_𝕽𝖏 π•Ύπ–—π–Ž _☘ says:

    U look sexy 😍😍😍✌

  23. Your videos are so well done. I hope you make more of them.

  24. We played that opening with my coach and I almost draw the game but he revived a Queen,that’s the cause of sacrificing his knight
    But he tells me to search this opening and learn it,that actually are the same moves but after my move Nc3 he moved Nc6 and then i pinned him with my bishop by moving bishop Bb5 after that he finally moved g6 and then followed after Castling the move Bishop g7

  25. Great videos, please don’t stop making them.

  26. Mr. Kelley, what if White didn't reply with Pd4# at 3:14 ?

  27. White can get a checkmate easily

  28. I can't find a good enough justification why white would want to play d4 besides having a free and open game. The move c3 before doing d4 makes much more sense to me

  29. Awesome educational videos NM Kelley, thank you. What do you think of transposing to Sicilian Gran Prix after black moves g6? Like 6: f4, Bg7; 7: Nf3 in other words, how important White's d pawn is if now black is taking 2 tempi to move its d pawn? Thanks

  30. Oh man! You are great. I was looking to improve my game and I found your videos. I want to improve my chess calculations. Can you make a video series for that?. I hope you will.

  31. what a beautiful video . . . πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  32. Thanks sir for teaching me so many gamebits . For tommorow's chess tournament I am preparing with your videos

  33. Wow just found you, this is wonderfully well explained piece, I enjoyed it a great deal.

  34. Love how you break down WHY each move is made, something not always done. Fantastic, definitely a fan of the channel

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