Chess Openings: The Dutch Defense Described, Explored and Analyzed

I have 2 very fun and interesting games here on the Dutch Defense that I annotate and explain move by move. I will make many videos on the Dutch as it is not annotated much in videos that I have seen.


  1. Grunfeld succumbed to Repetto, a top class player, not to the Dutch defense.

  2. Wow, this is the first video I've watched from your channel, and I'm already hooked! We need more videos like this one that explains everything in great detail. I'm looking forward to watching your other vids. 🙂

  3. I think this is much better than videos by Dereque Kelley. I love it. Excellent stuff. Greatings from the Czech Republic man 😉

  4. After studying and learning from The Backward Professor's chess videos for a solid year, I have gone from 1180 rated to nearly 1860 rated!!! Thank you, Professor 🙂

  5. Best chess instructional videos on youtube. Thanks.

  6. By far the best chess instructional video I have seen. Thank you!

  7. Nice too see that , really nice to know that, special thanks for your effort . (RIF)

  8. the pawn should simply rush to f4 in dutch not attack knight, just use your bishop to trade off the knight whenever you feel like it. white would be much better in that case. knights nearby should be swapped with pieces knights far away held back by pawns. this would be my advice I am also a chessmaster

  9. I have tried watching several of your videos and the screen (video) is blacked out.

  10. "Sorry for the hiatus."  No problem. Start pumping out more videos!

  11. Hi! First of all, thank you so much for these videos, i discovered them maybe a year ago? And started watching more as a hobby than anything else. And then i totally forgot about chess, had to do a lot of things, you know, life plans and all…
    So i became a little emotionnal when i recognized one of your lessons, it reminded me that, at one point of my life, i really enjoyed chess thanks to you. So here i am!
    Maybe i should give chess another try!
    (I apologize if my english is a little weird, but i just wanted to thank you!)

  12. U are very hilarious…thanks i did learn a thing or two about your explaination on positional concept.

  13. awesome stuff…..looks like a reversed Bird's opening for black…..and lotsa fun…keepum comin' prof!!!  great work !!!

  14. Noobs tend to obsess over opening needlessly.   This video is case on point.

  15. Awesome Video! I've been trying to learn more about chess recently and you make advanced tactics simple to understand. Thank you!

  16. thanks for the great video, really entertaining, learned a lot.

  17. YOU are my chess hero!!! Thaks a lot. Fabio from Italy.

  18. Nice hardback book and t-shirt…well jealous!

  19. Hello Sir, thank you very much for this video. One questions please. I play dutch against 1.d4 but still do not know how to play against 1.e4 … something that is closely related or the same theme as the dutch defense. Can you give me a hint? I am 1700-1800 elo club player. Thank you

  20. nice video i hope you are doing great in chess and in life. are you planning to make more videos in the future?

  21. Haaa haaa, agreed with John Marlowe below: this is Nick Nolte, only with much more humour! Great lively engaging presentation of an opening I'm looking at as one of my replies to 1.d4. I want fun and fireworks, not long positional battles and from your presentation and some reading I've done/games I've seen, I think this may well fit the bill! Thank you for posting this!

  22. i really respected you sir!! i wish i have a math teacher like you on my class,, 😀

  23. I´ve become an intermidiate club player and basicly focused on 2 openings which are enough for black to have an answer to all:
    On 1.e4 i play the sicilian and on every other first move from white the dutch is possible. And i honestly have to say that i get a better and better understanding of those two openings because i play them all the time, it´s better to understand 2 openings than rather trying to play 10 different openings and understand none or very little of them. I do a lot of tactics also and the dutch is a very tactical game, so this kind of fits really good! Last weekend i beat a 1500+ player with the dutch defense in my league game, it was really fun! Cheers and happy dutching! 🙂

  24. I'm amateur so maybe i'm wrong, but what if white pin black knight on g5 and exchange it?

  25. +BackyardProfessor Please make more videos, if you are still alive. They are too good!

  26. Wonderful, wish you were still making video's.

  27. "Old is gold" 🙂 im watching this video in 2016 😉 very valuable lesson..thank you professor 🙂

  28. why not pin the black night with dark square bishop and take it out?

  29. Excellent stuff, keep putting out more exciting video

  30. Thanks master . . . . I feel good when you are teaching . . . . I need this teaching so much . . .

  31. y did u have to take him from us jesus? Rest in peace Kerry. Can't believe you're gone. I miss you.

  32. Lose the rug. I hope by now (2018) you've done so.

  33. I wish you would come back and make more videos Professor.

  34. Korchnoi attack in Dutch defense would be interesting to show

  35. Carlos Repeto Torres was certainly no slouch. In the "Immortal Windmill Game", he handed World Champion Emanuel Lasker one of his worst ever and most embarrassing defeats.

  36. The Dutch Defense (and Birds Opening) are good Openings for Imbalances. Try to play symmetric against Birds Opening for 2 moves and you will run into Swiss Gambit (1. f4 f5 2 e4). On move 3, if Black persists( 2. . . e5 3 ef ef) and plays the Suicide Countergambit, White plays the obvious Queen Move (Qh5) and Black is fried.

  37. The problem with f5 (or the Stonewall) is that it opens up the King on the post-castled g1/g8 diagonals. The center has to be torn down in concert with a kingside disruption of the pawns to completely air out the king.

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