Chess Pro Answers Questions From Twitter (ft. GothamChess) | Tech Support | WIRED

Levy Rozman answers the internet’s burning questions about the game of chess. What’s the best opening? How do you become a grandmaster? Was the Queen’s Gambit an accurate show? What’s the worst move you can make in chess? Is it harder to play with black pieces than white? Levy answers all these questions and much more!

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Director: Lisandro Perez-Rey
Director of Photography: Charlie Jordan
Editor: Chris Davies
Expert: Levy Rozman

Line Producer: Joseph Buscemi
Associate Producer: Brandon White
Production Manager: Eric Martinez
Production Coordinator: Fernando Davila

Camera Operator: Corey Eisenstein
Audio: Brett Van Deusen
Production Assistant: Patrick Sargent

Post Production Supervisor: Alexa Deutsch
Post Production Coordinator: Ian Bryant
Supervising Editor: Doug Larsen
Assistant Editor: Paul Tael

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  2. شاح مات actually means the king شاح has died

  3. the "mat" (mate) means died in Persian and Arabic

  4. If you are smart enough to be a chess grandmaster, I hope you are wise enough to turn your intelligence to the worlds more pressing problems.

  5. Why does levy sounds like Barney Stinson 😅😅

  6. the only thing they missed in this video was levy looking into your soul and judging you for 0.3 seconds before the intro

  7. i hope levy did this on purpose as a joke when said he would capture the king with the rook😮😮

  8. 3:12 omg, I feel so called out lol! I never found a good way to learn chess and no one wanted to practice consistently when I was young, still never know what I'm doing in the beginning

  9. 0:34 the actual translation is “the king has died”,(مات) means died and (شاه) means the king so combined it means “the king has died” and not trapped

  10. I just learned what en passant is during a match. I thought he was cheating! Lol

  11. shah in albanian is atacking the queen or the rook mat means checkmate

  12. My favorite chess game in movies has to be Cheers, won't spoil it but it's Sam vs Robin Colchort and its ending is so chaotic and funny!

  13. if what you're saying is about the origins of the word is correct then the most understandable translation is the is dead the king is the closest thing to a shah in English and mat directly translate to dead i know because my native language and Persian share some words so the word checkmate means the king is dead

  14. Well the word checkmate means “the king is hopeless”

  15. Why is castling described as the king moving 2 spaces then the rook moving to the other side? Why not say that the rook moves over next to the king then the king hops over the rook?
    Does it have something to do with the official rules needing a way to reference where the king moves to prevent moving through check?

  16. 1:32 I argue that the Queens Gambit was not accurate because they left out the most iconic thing about chess games. People loudly coughing

  17. levy : vibrating device somewhere like in your show or somewhere else…

    this aged well

  18. It's wierd that the Romanian Checkmate "Sah Mat" is so close to the Persian "Shah Mhat"

  19. In Bulgarian language, and probably other languages, we call the knight as a horse.

  20. I like how Contrapoints just appeared ha

  21. Just got into chess. Learned how to move and the rules as a kid but never played seriously until now. Is it better to actually study the game and put time into it or just keep playing off instincts? I seem to do fairly well after only a few days but I'm obviously only playing other 400's at my level…

  22. Arent there newer chess AI's that use a different approach than just a search over moves with heuristical analysis of positions? Neural Network driven AI tends to do things a bit different, learning patterns rather than just "looking ahead". You could say they are more alike in their "thinking" to humans than older engines, ya know, they don't miss things or make mistakes nearly as often as humans do. That's the same concept that finally allowed AI to start beating humans at Go and more complex games, like video games such as Starcraft (in which realistically you cannot predict future occurrences or game states anymore because with real-time strategy games, there are a virtually infinite number of possible states, even compared to chess).
    I honestly haven't read any papers about newer chess AI, and it probably is more of a semantic difference than anything, but it's interesting to me.

  23. I though it was an Australian guy telling his opponent to check his king.

  24. i want to learn chess just because I wanna have fun

  25. What is the strongest piece in chess.I know that rooks are very important

  26. "I'm Levy Rozman, chess educator and website destroyer."

  27. With FIDE Master level of ELO 2300 one has already reached mastery. You don't need a Grandmaster title to have mastered the game of chess.

  28. One of the reasons I came back to chess was because of Gotham Chess.

  29. Thank you WIRED! Hope you all enjoyed the episode 😊

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