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  1. Sacrifice the knight, then when he takes with the pawn then you take with the bishop then after king moves to the left then you check mate with queen

  2. First for some absolute reason nobody decided to comment

  3. Nxa6, bxa6, Bxa6, Kb8, Qb7# I’m not sure

  4. I guess knight takes pawn a6 , black pawn eats knight a6, bishop takes pawn a6 check,king to b8, queen b7 mate
    Sounds about right

  5. You sac the knight on Knxa6 if pawn takes you take back with bishop check and then the king can only go to Kb8 and then queen to Qb7 checkmate

  6. Dumb song why all chess tubers include this shit in video.

  7. White light square bishop: What the hell im doing here

  8. You missed mate when you had a rook a bushop and a queen

  9. Just capture the pawn and then take rook, no need to calculate hard when you are up material.

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