Chess Trap For White | Chess Opening Trick For Beginner

Chess Trap For White | Chess Opening Trick For Beginner


  1. I think there is one more attack after Black Knight to F6, which is Queen to B3. Depending on Black's next move, they would loose at least one knight in exchange for the White Bishop. Coach Kestoy, your thoughts on that strategy?

  2. How to defend is take your queen up defend the king

  3. In English you pronounce FIANCHETTO the second way and in Italian and Spanish you pronounce it as you did the first time. Thus it depends on what language you are speaking. It is actually originally an Italian word but as you can see or hear rather it has its English equivalent at least in pronounciation

  4. Hello, I have a question. I am new to chess and I only know the basic rules and roles. How will I win if the enemy does knight to f6?

  5. Thankyou, just won by checkmate to a player who checkmate'd me earlier 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  6. That’s what he did! I freaked the heck out at first cuz I was the dark peices!!! I was like yoooo something’s not right I need to play SLOOOOW I properly defended in my own clever way, won his queen with a bait then check and mighty steed sacrifice after that it’s was neck n neck after I blundered my queen to castle and get my other rook in position to checkmate. I finally forced him to either lose his knight and cause him to lose his chance to check mate me or make him retreat saving the chance with 4 minutes on his clock and only 1 on mine i castles getting my rook where I needed and he did a few moves before me but I moved my center pawn allowing me tolll his mate and playing like I bet my bill money on this game.. Got the check mate with 0:14 seconds left on my clock!

  7. This opening is called king pawn game:wayward queen but this is a double edge sword because black can play Nh6, d5. After Qf3 we can play Nd4 after Nh6. If we play d5, if the pawn take just attack the queen using Nd4, if bishop takes you can play Be6 so the bishop will die

  8. This ain’t a brilliant move every one knows this

  9. If y’all don’t know this opening you are like the worst player

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