Chess trap that every beginner should know2! @beginnerchessclub #shorts #chess #catur #chesscom

Chess trap that every beginner should know2! By @beginnerchessclub, tiktok :()
#shorts #chess #catur #chesscom #fyp #viral #chesschamp


  1. Yea sure but you cant do this shit against stockfish lmao

  2. My crush has a better chance of texting me than this actually working

  3. Never try learning traps by youtube videos.There are 99.9 percent chances the opponent WONT play the trap or the sams moves.Try creating a trap or learning it by yourself,or from yters that arw showing EVERY move your opponent can do

  4. Heyuy
    The game goes stalemet after 3 continuous check
    This is called 3by4 fold

  5. No beginner plays like 300 book moves

  6. Going to use these exact moves against cpu I haven’t been able to beat for days, I’ll update it.

  7. Why would they even put their knight there when it could just get easily taken by the king

  8. Im completely unable to think about the next turn, so I don't know why I'm even trying

  9. Pascam Andrei Juris Navarro - Group Leader says:

    What if black pawn decides to take the bishop on g6 rather than taking queen

  10. What is the use of learning traps , if you dont understand them . Btw you will never learn if you see traps , openings etc . If you want to be a genius Make something of your own , You will fail over and over . Then you will rediscover these traps .
    Think about those who found this trap
    Be like em 😄

  11. You know I wanted to try to main the “grom opening” everyone says sucks, and now I realize why everyone says it does. Idk if it’s intentional or not, but people love moving their pawn or defending their pawn with a knights that’s in front of (diagonally) their rook. Idk how it’s supposed to be played, ‘cause I’m still somewhat an amateur at the game, and am still learning, but can never line up the rook to pin down g/b7 before castling. I need to learn how to force moves for plays like that to work. Needless to say, I don’t ever really try traps/gambits, but if I tried this one, everyone I faced would stop playing the way they normally do (like this, which messes up the opening), and somehow completely counter it with 12+ piece value.

  12. U can wins against a pro player but not against a beginner player

    — me who learned my leason

  13. No bro if he ate the pon in her left side his free pls someone look carefully

  14. If your plan has lots of Ifs Buts without any surety,
    With stupid horse move, then sorry

  15. I use these traps and all but my 200 elo opponents can just fricking predict it bruh

  16. Meanwhile mu opponent play totally different then i lost my queen and gte trapped in my own trap 🤣🤣🤣

  17. tfw im 2600 on lichess and havent heard of this

  18. Him be like: after he does this you do this
    Me: alright I did this, now after he does that I do this and I win
    My opponent: no, I don't think so *proceeds to blunder the queen

  19. In blacks last move he can take the pawn with his Knight and prevent checkmate and now your down a queen.

  20. I dont think I could ever see that far ahead into the game lol, this is just beyond me tbh

  21. I have this glitch where my opponent doesn’t play the exact way I want him to

  22. When u try to imply this in the actual game…. You just lose your queen.

  23. "beginner" man the hell was that

  24. This is what happens when you play a fight out in your head, but your opponent does something different and boom your lights are out

  25. Lol yes if this one in a quadrillion chance game outcome happens it will remember this

  26. I always thought you had to capture the king to win.

  27. Do one like this for terrible 400-900 rated players

  28. What happens if he doesn’t take the queen
    And takes your bishop with the pawn

  29. What if the knight on the other side goes first and attack the prawn?

  30. Why would my opponent put his knight which isn't defended next to my king? No one's gonna do that

  31. who the fuck says „other pawn in the center“ just say d4 etc so fucking annoying

  32. Man this doesn’t work I just suck at chess, I do the 250 bot and I always get him to only the king left and it always ends up in a stalemate

  33. I don't know why this opening isn't a book of a move in stockfish's brain. I mean the entire line of Blackburn shilling Gambit is all from the book.

  34. I only just learned how all the different pieces move last night, are you sure this is for beginners?

  35. Why would someone mive their rook right in front of the king to be taken, even if you don't plan to.

  36. What if the opponent is a bigginer too and doesn't go by the plan 🚬😂

  37. It's a good move to know when someone's trying to set it up..but if a player knows the move you'll be losing a queen 👑

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