Chess trap that every beginner should know2! @beginnerchessclub #shorts #chess #catur #chesscom

Chess trap that every beginner should know2! By @beginnerchessclub, tiktok :()
#shorts #chess #catur #chesscom #fyp #viral #chesschamp


  1. Why don't the black king eat the pawn? LoL.

  2. After you take his knight with your bishop he could just take it with his pawn, then you still have to move the king to take the knight or sac the queen with no return. Blunder.

  3. What if black king goes to e5 after white knight in the center checks him? Then the whole plan crumbles. There's a lot of ifs in this. I don't see beginners doing these crazy moves.

  4. Unless I missed something that isn’t checkmate?? King takes pawn to the right and nothing has that checked

  5. A weird point I think was to start with e4 Nc6 Nf3 e5 instead of the super common e4 e5…
    If I had to make a short on an opening trap it would be Nxe5 and etc. in the Damiano defense. I must have played the same miniature 20+ times.


  7. FYI: the trap works better if you’re controlling both sides

  8. The opponent will just capture my bishop with his pawn

  9. White just walked into a trap himself by THINKING that black would take white's queen. 🤣🤣🤣

  10. Nice content. You must be really good at chess. I am a beginner and still trying to sharpen my skills (if I could call it that) at playing. It feels so good whenever I win. Anyway, goodluck to your content creations. God bless!

  11. Super obscure, super useless, super clickbait

  12. This should be called wolf in sheep clothing trap 😆

  13. He won’t threaten the queen and rook with his knight if he thinks he’s gna lose it from the king

  14. If he takes the pawn with his knight then move ur black square bishop and it's a checkmate, if he move his pawn to defend the checkmate then we simply take his queen

  15. Works perfectly fine only if you play both ur sides

  16. I tried it. My opponent didn't take the pawn in the center with his knight. He took the other pawn with his pawn. Sigh. Chess is difficult.

  17. When knight checked the king he could've simply killed the knight by King?

  18. I tried to work this through on my board and i came across a curiosity. the move right before putting the king in check the first time (w/ the bishop), couldn’t the opponent take our bishop with a pawn. even if it threatens their pawn with our center knight, it’s worth it especially if you consider that he can just take the knight with another pawn. at that point it would just make the trap all for nothing, wouldn’t it? Also, sorry if this was confusing. I am a beginner and haven’t memorized the spaces’ names.

  19. Genuine question because im a beginner: Why is Kf2 a blunder?

  20. Even noobs won't even sacrifice a horse for a pawn

  21. Do not memorize….understand the moves.

  22. But why wouldn't he just take the Bishop with the king on f -7 ???

  23. Lololol S@*T I've just noticed the Knight on E-5 lol soz I've just noticed lol 😆

  24. Why tf would he move his knights like that?

  25. Btw, it's called the ponziani, it's losing abit for white but if black doesn't play perfectly, you will be winning soon

  26. Assuming that he doesn't do a move that flips you over sure it COULD work

  27. I've literally never won a game of chess someone help me.

  28. This is actually a Very Nice tactic Mhmm But the problem is, If we check the king and He didn't notice We have a rule that we say "Check" XD

    Edit: but I did Saw That Tactic From My Friend He Charged His Horse Just like in the video and Made me attack The knight But, Welp It was actually wrong, Thank For the Video ^^

  29. I think most of players will not move the knight in front of king since it will block the queen and bishop.

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