Chess Visualizing: How To Remember Squares

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I get asked frequently to make a video about visualization in chess and identifying the squares, so I made a video for chess strategy for beginners and intermediate players on how to visualize during a game.

0:00 Intro

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  1. i think there is a an issue with the knight vs queen part in 4:18 part. The a1 is white and b2 is also white, the chess board is set according to the black's perspective.

  2. I can visualize just fine with white, black is where i get confused

  3. g3 is the most controlled square on the board man, not d5. also controlled by three pieces but minor pieces provide more safety as there's less chance for exchange. hardly ever do you attack a square protected by two different pawns and a minor piece (knight).

  4. Me : the whole video, from where he got that arrows?

  5. Very helpful please make same vedios like this very helpful Vedio more vedios

  6. the fact that i reached 1800 without even being able to remember squares seems insane to some people

  7. I wonder how those people with no capacity to visualize are able to do this

  8. Thank U very Much !!!! U got a new subscriber senior❤❤

  9. 14:37 I think it is actually f2. It is controled by the pawn on g3 by the knight and although they don't see this square its also controlled by the queen and the rook

  10. memorize alphabet in random order is hard so here is how I memorize it
    1-7 is easy but I split it in half (1-4 for White and 5-8 for Black)
    a, b, c is quite easy to remember and also use in math a lots
    e and d is the most common openning in chess
    there is no i in chess so h is the last letter
    the only thing I need to memorize is f and g

  11. 14:37 what about c1?
    Rook x2, knight on e1, and the queen all cover it.

  12. @14.30 wouldnt d4 be the most controled

  13. At 3:51, why does the rook only control 14 squares? The square the rook is occupying doesn't count??

  14. I've watched a lot of Levy's videos by now and this is one of the best for my particular needs. Would love to see more like it. Wish YouTube had a double thumbs up or heart icon for this one.

  15. I think I will get a chessboard with big enough squares to write coordinates for both white and black sides. I think seeing the letters and numbers visually each time I move will get it more ingrained instead of mentally counting each move. If I can associate a particular square with a letter and number from each perspective, I think it will be more natural.

  16. Great video. 👍 do more videos on visualizing the board.

  17. One thing I will never do is learning the a-h 1-8 codes and become a grandmaster. I will know that the corner guy is elephant, one is horse, one is mantri and kind queen and font guys are soldiers. That's it for me.

  18. gotham could you make a video or add insight on how to think 'spacially' as opposed to visualizing for this reason: i've read that scientists now understand that what our eyes see is a relatively small space in front and that the rest of the surrounding area is in a sense guessed at and filled in by our brains; so this seems to me particularly applicable to the chessboard. i for one constantly am making the mistake of becoming myopic and not seeing the entire board; not seeing it spacially in other words, if that makes any sense?

  19. This video genuinely really helped me

  20. H1 has four defenders. It’s dumb because no one wants to take it but technically it’s an open square white has on lock down. 😊 Thanks so much for these videos. Even two year old videos are great. Looking forward to the book when it’s out.

  21. Sir how to draw a 90 degree arrow for knight move ?

  22. In the second real game example, on 13:53, isn't the best protected square f1? Protected by the king, the bishop, the knight and the rook, so 4 times! AM I THE NEXT LEVY ROZMAN???!?!

  23. 14:23 I know this is random but D1 is controlled by 4 pieces. Not that white needs it but it’s still technically the most controlled.

  24. 14.22: D1 is controlled by two rucks, the queen and a knight?? Thats 4 beating D5 with 3 ? or am I misunderstanding the rules of the challenge?

  25. I felt stupid for being at this level of chess. Realized I never learnt it the right way. This helps a lot.

  26. For the controlled square question: what about c3?

    It's controlled by the knight, the pawn and the queen. Is there a reason it's not a valid answer?

    Edit: oh nvm, it has to be in the center

  27. Me trying to visualising a chess board le my mind-: spawing a dancing ballerina on it😂

  28. Me trying to visualising a chess board le my mind-: spawing a dancing ballerina on it😂

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