Closed Sicilian – Chess Opening

Th Closed Sicilian starts out with 1. e4 c5 2. Nc3 and plays much differently than the standard 2. Nf3 move from white that most players are expecting. If you want to take your opponents out of all their prep in the Sicilian than just play the Closed Sicilian.


  1. Excellent following all ur videos most helpful for my tournament. trying for Grandmaster

  2. No views? No likes? No comments? Allow me to do the honors…

  3. Who clicked as fast as possible when the video popt up

  4. You should do a video on the Catalan and a video going deeper on the english

  5. A "crossover" Bonus …. I for one, will say playing Chess, ….. helps my GUITAR PLAYING CONCENTRATION….especially memorizing pieces. Thanks Kevin!
    5 STARS!

  6. Kevin Make videos on Tata steel blitz India 2019

  7. I have learned so much from your channel

  8. Thank you for the video! Good to have this in my back pocket.

  9. I think at 8:31 Black simply plays Nh6 and castles. Then the Nb5 gets driven back with a6. I do not like the Bc4 idea when g3 is played.

  10. Thank you for the video.

    Are you a GM, Kevin? What's your rating? I've been watching your vids for so long, I'm just curious.

    Thanks again.

  11. if you are a good chess player you know these moves are not that good and aggressive there are more powerfull moves than in this video

  12. I can never use the Sicilian. I play b5, knight b6 and without fail the Queen comes out and I have my bishops blocked in. Drives me nuts. What am I doing wrong?!

  13. Never heard that there’s a closed Sicilian wow Kevin thanks for the vid

  14. Ever since the queens gambit aired i realized i was meant for this

  15. Most people watching this searched for Sicilian defense after watching queens gambit

  16. At 4:54 why not c4 by white? This defends the d4 pawn and threatens Qa4+ with a potential material gain – the knight on b4.

  17. when my opponent starts as white with king's pawn to e4,
          and I respond as black with Sicilian pawn to c5,
          and then white responds with queen's side knight to c3 (closed Sicilian),
          is there a specific initial Sicilian black defense version (? a6 O'Kelly, ? d6 Najdorf, ? e6 French, ? queen side knight to c6, ? king side knight to f6, ? other)
          that works best against white's closed Sicilian
          (in order for me to know what best 2nd move I should make as black) ?

    thank you for all you have done for the chess community!

  18. What if after 2….Nc6 black follows up with e6 to prepare to push to d5 (possibly with playing Nf6 or Ne7 to also prepare the d5 break)? This is usually how I play against the closed Sicilian as black. It's a little slow, but I find usually allows me to gain control of the center as black.

  19. 8:45 Qxg5 ?-Nxd6+,Kd7 ?-Nxf7,Q(where ever the f) ?-Nxh8,Bxh8 and white is up 2 pawns and a rook for 2 knights for anyone that doesn't realize why can't black just take the knight on g5 i mean you could but you would be down a pawn and lost your right to castle
    (i commented too quick he already explained it i thought he was about to skip over it so i thought i would relieve some confusion but i guess he does mention it)

  20. This is very helpful I have my school chess tournament soon and I’m playing against a good player who plays Sicilian hyper excellerated dragon variation

  21. Ne2 is more preferred than nf3. Ne2 followed by castle and push f4-f5 opening rook and queen diagonally.

  22. Demetrius Demarcus Bartholomew James III Jr. says:

    So many variations for the Sicilian

  23. Who the hell plays 2. Nc3 e5?? ?
    I've literally never seen anyone play e5 in their second move in this position. It seems so bad for Black

  24. I really hate this opening from the black perspective and I'm tired of seeing it. I'm going to explore some aggressive replies including any potential gambits. I feel that at my level most people playing the closed sicilian from the white side are playing out of fear. If I wanted a nice quiet game I would play checkers.

  25. Why is this called the "Closed" Silican? In what way is it closed?

  26. I accidentally played the closed sicilian as white since black played c5 and d6

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