Colle opening: queen pawn chess opening for white

Colle opening is a much underrated system for white as its perceived that the Colle doesn’t give much for white, but the same could be said of any chess opening. The Colle itself is easy to understand, practical to play and amounts to a narrow field of opening theory. Some of the most spectacular games can arise as white opens the centre when its deemed advantageous to do so. This video focuses on the Colle ending which is advantageous for white, with control of the only open file, a queen side pawn majority and easy development, how good does it get?

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  1. 12:17 white had simple idea Rd1 -> d8 -> a8 and gain passed pawn

  2. Very nice explanations. Appreciate your time, please continue contributing.

  3. Hi Varun bhai, buri khushi ki bat hai ke app meri lecture se faida hassle kar sacte hai, really Varun thanks so much for your kind words of encouragement – regards Robbie.

  4. Fantastic stuff! Extremely helpful. Thank you for your efforts and contributions to students of the game!

  5. fabulous explanation of the goals and expectations, I did get an isolated center pawn in a recent game…

  6. R×N would not be considered a positional sacrafice. He literally gets his material back on the next move. So yes it improves his position but it would just be considered a tactical combination which improves his position. There is no sacrifice in other words just a complicated exchange of rooks and pieces. Cool video though thanks!

  7. Thank you for this excellent video.  It was very easy to follow with your clear instructions and reasons for the various moves.  I'm now anxious to view your other videos. 

  8. I want to learn the Colle and found this video as a good start.Thanks!

  9. I keep coming back to get a glimpse of that incredible belly dancer!

  10. I would like to say I hope this message finds you in good health and also thank u very much for this informative video it has helped me very much I have recently joined the USCF and I am actually holding up wonderful and the colle played right rather in the zuegotort position or regular is wonderful please keep the videos coming u are a wonderful help to all thank u friend

  11. Thank you once again MSK and I hope I speak for all I know I have told others in detroit mich where I am from as well as toldeo ohio where I play in tournaments about ur lessons and you have gotten great reviews hope to see more from you not sure if you've done footage on the sicilian but I'll be looking for that as well and possibly the kings Indian thank u sir I'll spread the word I think it was torrash that said "chess like love and music tends to make men happy" lol I think that's how the quotes stated but thank you once again anyway.

  12. Thank you so much MSK I would love to one day play this Beautiful game we love on beautiful Scottish land I've heard so many inspiring things of ur homeland and country I am also enthused by the history of chess there as well. Has to be a wonderful combination the scenery brisk air and the thump of the chess bord I am somewhat of a chess romantic this is why I enjoy ur videos as well with the beautiful background scenery very inspirational I truly thank you be well my friend and keep your detroit Michigan fan base and followers in mind and I'll help u with the rest here I've actually did alot for Jeremy Silman here as well in my chess club ALL THE KINGS MEN so we will be looking for your videos thank you once again " chess has the power to bring all me togther"

  13. Watch Mato Jelic videos instead – however he doesn't start colle opening with a pawn but a knight. And yes it is a bad opening.

  14. An outstanding opening series! Thank you, MSK

  15. I thank you sir for an excellent lesson on the Colle. I have been playing the Kings indian attack, but I'm simply bored with it. I only have so my time to work on my game  and I was told to try this opening. It sure looks like I'm going to enjoy learning it. I'm about a 1400 rated player with hope of reaching 1600 over time. No dreams of being an expert, just a strong 1600 player. I will save this video and check out your other videos as well. Thank you again.

  16. What do you say to the move after Rook x Qd1 ,blake pawn F7-F5?! Any presure from beshop and after Bx Kc6 = two strong beshops!!!

  17. Brilliant!(as usual)
    Six months ago I wanted to learn to play more positionally.And I probably would have discarded the whole idea if it wasnt for this channel!(and V.Akobian)
    I love ur approach and intros-beautyfull!!!
    Thanks alot,man.
    Stay classy.

  18. While watching your video to learn the colle system I became interested in knowing what the name of the song you play in the intro is. It has an amazing sound to go with an awesome instructional video.

  19. Thank you for your explanation very clear. Do you know an equivalent system to play with black ?

  20. Great video, like you said in your opening repertoire video, just get to a middle game with ease, the colle definitely does that.

  21. how do you put flowing water in video..very good..please tell

  22. please share your facebook id.. i need to learn a lot from you


  24. Thank you for you solid theory and clear explanations! My chess game has definitely benefited. I definitely agree that even if you don't play the Colle system just watching videos about Colle games are very instructional because of your concise explanation… your passion for chess is clear and appreciated – a chess friend (the backgrounds and opening of your videos are awesome!)

  25. I'm a club-level player and have decided to return to the solid Colle system (Kolty variant and perhaps even the "reverse Meran" variant, also). I avoid a ton of theory, enjoy a good understanding of my strategic aims (!) and the benefit of healthy pawn structure, nevermind that Alekhine himself has complemented this system. My results so far, have been encouraging.

  26. Thanx for your colle videos. Liked watching it.

  27. was surprised didnt play roook check then behind to win the outside passed pawn

  28. Another awesome video!   As well as winning prospects for white, the Colle system is a great way of avoiding listless and long and tiring middle game positions.

  29. Good video .I hope you make more instructional videos .Thank you

  30. Another good one. Far from my first viewing, but having played d4 stuff for a while now this makes a ton more sense. Gotta take a few lumps!

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