CRUSH 1.e4 & 1.d4 With 1…b6 | Surprising Chess Opening for Black

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares his favourite chess opening for Black that works especially well in Blitz games. Whether your opponents play 1.e4 or 1.d4 as White, you basically play 1…b6 as Black.

This surprising chess opening will shock most of your opponents and catch them off guard on the very first move of the game. It is called the English Defense after 1.d4 b6, and the Owen’s Defense after 1.e4 b6. It may not seem like an ambitious chess opening, but it has a lot of tricks.

Black’s moves and plans are mostly the same both against 1.e4 and 1.d4, hence this can be a solid opening system for you. Watch the full video lesson to learn some dirty tricks and common plans for Black.

► Chapters

00:00 GM Igor Smirnov’s Favourite Chess Opening for Blitz
00:05 Playing 1…b6 as Black (against both 1.e4 & 1.d4)
00:27 1) 1.d4 b6 – English Defense
01:02 Black’s main plans (similar to Grunfeld Defense)
02:04 Challenging White’s center
03:24 If White defends the center with f3
05:46 Beautiful combination wins the game for Black
06:43 1.b3 as White (Larsen Attack or Queen’s Fianchetto Opening)
07:09 2) 1.e4 b6 – Owen’s Defense
09:40 Targeting White’s pawn structure

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  1. ► Chapters

    00:00 GM Igor Smirnov's Favourite Chess Opening for Blitz

    00:05 Playing 1…b6 as Black (against both 1.e4 & 1.d4)

    00:27 1) 1.d4 b6 – English Defense

    01:02 Black's main plans (similar to Grunfeld Defense)

    02:04 Challenging White's center

    03:24 If White defends the center with f3

    05:46 Beautiful combination wins the game for Black

    06:43 1.b3 as White (Larsen Attack or Queen's Fianchetto Opening)

    07:09 2) 1.e4 b6 – Owen's Defense

    09:40 Targeting White's pawn structure

  2. What if a5 is played by white after our bishop to b4 move??

  3. Hi Igor, could you make a video where we can see you play, or in wich you analyse one of your games? Would be really cool!👍

  4. White pawn on a3 to kick our Bishop would greatly change the variation, no?

  5. Master thank's for the Owen's defense!❤ Now it's time for Benoni!

  6. Cool, can you make a video on the Modern Defense? Or perhaps the Pirc?

  7. why does not white move rook pawn to a3 attacking bishop which could easily be trapped if not careful because of b3 pawn

  8. Igor is this any good to use in rapid??? 10min?

  9. Waiting for the day Mr. Smirnov sports a devilish smile in the thumbnail cause he keeps narrating:
    "Its time to resign"
    "Thats a mistake"
    "White is completely losing *smiles*"
    "Now its time for black to resign"

  10. I really like this since it's universal and can be played as white. Seems like some of the lines transpose to the Queen's Indian Defense which is very solid. In the last variation, I'd say black's plan should be to force a queen trade and get into the endgame while damaging the pawn structure like you suggested since b6 is pushed and we gave up the light square bishop while white has theirs. Thanks for the upload 👍.

  11. Igor you are my favorite Russian!! 10/10 avatar facial feature

  12. Bro this is legit just adhibanns nimzo larsen but reversed 💀
    Never though about it that way but now i do.

  13. Owen is very cool defense! I thought this is bad because computer told so, but now i change my mind.

  14. Why wouldnt white push pawn a3 to threaten the bishop? Like 4 or 5 moves in?

  15. 10 mn 25 s De 3.
    5 mn au lieu de Petit Roque Fd2. Les Blancs ont fait trop d'erreurs tactiques

  16. 10 mn 25 s De 3.
    5 mn au lieu de Petit Roque Fd2. Les Blancs ont fait trop d'erreurs tactiques

  17. Sir will you please record a video for counter of nimzo-larson or owens defense opening. these openings are so irritating

  18. played this and got smoked by the scholars mate

  19. After Nc3 then black plays e6. What if white now plays a3? Bb4 is no longer playable.

  20. Those "system" approaches that are uncommon are really powerful in serious games aswell.
    I have been playing the Colle and this and many people get stressed very much when faced with something that is not e4 e5 mainline or Queens Gambit/London stuff.

  21. Why doesn't White pawn A2 to A3 work? I don't know anyone who wouldn't play that, and I can't currently see a counter.

  22. Очень интересный вариант розыгрыша дебюта!! Подробный анализ дальнейшего развития игры

  23. My scores with black is better than with white because of you and because of Owen defense I have been using it since 10 years ago

  24. Thank you for showing me this weapon of mass destruction ⚫️

  25. An IM claims that Knight e2 instead f3 is the refutation of the owens defense.
    That protects Knight c3, pawn d4 and also threatens Knight f4 with a strong King side attack.
    My question is, how to counter this Knight e2 move ?
    Example: e4 b6; d4 Bb7; Bd3 e6; Nc3 Nf6; Ne2 …. or similar position. It is claimed that this setup gives White a crushing King side attack with two Bishops and Queen having open diagonals to the King side.
    IM Perunovic:

  26. What if they just kick away your bishop with a pawn

  27. It is the nimzo larsan attack with black

  28. I have an OTB international tournament on monday, and you always seemingly make the best videos for my preparation.

  29. Won immediately after trying it out a few times. it's quite tricky indeed as there's many traps in this

  30. iono what if white is e4, d4, knight c3, and then pushes d5?

  31. +GMIgorSmirnov Can you please comment on IM Ilya Odessky's variations on 1… b6 and 1.b3?

    Many thanks, Maestro!

  32. What if they start pushing pawns on the right to kick the bishop out? It seems trapped

  33. Does this not transpose to the Dutch?

  34. But Igor…. (spoken in Yakov Smirnoff like voice 🤣) the continuations you give for white are abysmal. There is a simple and effective recipe for dealing with Owen's: e4, d4, Bd3, and Qe2.

  35. Can you add how to counter London with this b6 opening? Because often after d4 they continue with London

  36. It's also my favorite black opening in bullet or blitz. I tend to favor the nimzo as white, but it's pretty much the same in a different sequence…

  37. From the position at 9:47, isn't black's bishop lost? a3 attacks the bishop. It can only go to Ba5 or Bc5. Moving to a5 white follows up with b4 and the bishop is gone. If c5 then can gladly give up a pawn for the bishop. Am I missing something obvious here?

  38. I tried this opening several times. I just got utterly destroyed and most of my opponents never played anything like the lines shown here. I think I need something different.

  39. I've never seen someone play D4- C4 when I don't push a pawn in the center. More like they will push D4 then E4.. which changes this black attack by one tempo.

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