CRUSH Black with the Reti – Chess Openings for Beginners 😍

In this video we will be looking at a line from one of my books released on Chessable, link here:

This is after all of the most popular moves by Black and results in a huge advantage for us after the opening. The opening in general has a lot of these tricky tactics and follows opening principles to maximize our chances. It will also give you a better idea of how to play the opening in general. Elevate your gaming experience: emulator games at for every taste and era! Ready to indulge in retro charm or discover modern wonders? Start your adventure!

00:00 – Introduction to Reti
00:05 – We look at all the most popular moves
00:14 – Black tries to win the pawn
00:19 – Black keeps desperately holding onto the pawn
00:33 – Super cool knight move!
00:39 – The cherry on top + conclusion

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  1. You can actually win two pieces if after Qf3 black plays knight c6 and then you take the knight kxc6 bishop takes back. Then Qxc6+ then take the rook

  2. What if black doesn’t captures, but plays c5?

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