Deadly Chess TRAP to Win in 7 Moves! [Works up to 2200 ELO]

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares with you a deadly chess opening trap to win in just 7 moves. It is a variation from the Scotch Gambit (from the Scotch Game) which happens after the following moves: 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.d4 exd4 4.Ng5.

The main idea for White is to sacrifice the knight on f7 with Nxf7 and deliver a powerful attack against the Black’s king with Bc4+ followed by Qh5+, planning for a checkmate similar to that of the Scholar’s Mate.

A great thing is that it works even against advanced level players (according to the statistics of games played). It works extremely well till the 2000 rating level and even some players up to the 2200 rating range fall for this trap.

► Chapters

00:00 Chess Trap to Win in 7 Moves
00:09 Scotch Gambit 4.Ng5
03:00 Proof: More than 70% Win Rate
04:44 If Black plays Ke7
06:37 Stockfish says Black wins??
07:58 If Black plays Be7, not h6

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  1. I have literally tried this 20 times and it has not worked on players that are ranked 700 and youre telling me itll work on 2000 players thats a load of shit no one fell for this and it just ended up leaving me in a bad position everytime

  2. Hi there u could call it the knight camut because u r sacrificing a knight. Just an idea..

  3. I've found that most opponents play f6 to challenge the knight instead of h6. What is the counter to that move?

  4. What is black start with E6 instead of E5. Then it's dead right?

  5. That first opening you did is related to one of Bobby fischer’s games but the one you have shown was somewhat I guess a faster version.

  6. What about after Knight g5 move opponent goes knight h6 to defend f7?

  7. What if black plays pawn f6 then what do I do?

  8. Aw, the good ol' Stanky Leg gambit. Classic!

  9. Tried this but my opponent didn’t take my pawn -.-
    Surprisingly i still managed to check mate a few more moves later, even being a beginner

  10. what if black decided to go knight h6?we still dont need to move the king right?

  11. How do you stop the knights attack?can you do a video from black perspective on countering then attacking and winning

  12. first one is cap do not do the scotch gambit because when you check with queen its not check mate you have one more move

  13. I've been playing this for a really long time now. Found it in lichess study
    Tried going back to check the name if was given but it's no longer there

  14. Chess openings are invented just like any science and mathematical inventions. Chess is for all minds!

  15. 0:55 blacks Queen can easily take your knight and that whole theory goes away

  16. I've tried it at least 30 times with different opponents. It never works and you end up with one knight less than your opponent and with your queen in very bad position.

  17. No wonder grandmaster didnt just always capture any pieces, they has ability to adjust and creating tricks to win

  18. Problem is incase Black King goes to Dark Square G8 , after White Bishop Check then there is no mate and White is pretty safe. Just incase King moves to f8 there is a mate

  19. what if instead of moving the king , they move bishop to defend at 7:13

  20. this is only true if the opponent uses horse in his second move; if he uses queen it doesnt work

  21. man checkmate via castling queenside is so smooth it gives me goosebumps

  22. thank you! trying to beat someone with that trap and it worked! thx again! 🙂

  23. Any ideas on how to proceed after black plays pawn d5, bishop takes, bishop e6? I encountered this two times and havent found a winning position afterwards

  24. Video: after the scotch gambit is accepted, the game is already lost.

    Computer: hahaha Queen go e8 and king back to d8 you lose (computer is crazy!!)

  25. Hi Grand Master Smirnov! I love your interesting openings. Could you please tell me what should be played if Black goes Nh6 on move 5 🤔 I don't believe this was covered in this video or the other one you mentioned. Thanks 🙏

  26. rook to e5 is terrible too
    you only talk about mistakes not what if they make good moves. you suck

  27. When the queen is at h5, what do i do if they move there pawn to g6?

  28. U could call it the knight sacrifice? Thanks for your lessons i enjoy them very much..🙂

  29. I'd call it the "Knight's Templar."

  30. So far, I've tried this crap at least ten times and not once did they do "what they were supposed to."
    I still tried forcing it on ones that were close to the expected moves and got kinda close twice, but all that ever happened was I put myself way out of position and I lost every single game so far.
    Thanks! Don't forget to sub for more L's, guys!

  31. Yes – I tried this against a cheap computer program, set on beginner level, but black never made any of the garbage moves he was supposed to make!

  32. First Congratulations GM Smirnov, your videos are super excellent. 2nd, just a small detail, at 2:28 timeline, there is a checkmate with Qf4#. Thank you for your great teaching.

  33. 90% win, i thank you GM IGOR for all the traps

  34. What to do against Nh6,f6 and d5 i have tried this opening with rated players below 1200 and lost with them please answer to this question

  35. After knight to g5 if they play pawn to f8 the attack is over. U must retreat

  36. i bet my house on the game and won with the smirnov gambit. i love you so much

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