Deadly Chess TRAP to Win in 8 Moves! [Tricky Gambit Opening]

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🔹 Tennison Gambit (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile) | Chess Trap for White –

In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares with you a tricky chess opening gambit for White. It’s called the Tennison Gambit which happens after the opening moves 1.e4 d5 2.Nf3 sacrificing the e4-pawn.

Although it occurs in the Scandinavian Defense in most cases, it may also transposition from other openings. In fact, you may even force/trick your opponents into the Tennison Gambit from other openings (as explained in this video lesson). One such example is the transposition from the Reti opening 1.Nf3 d5 2.e4.

This is an aggressive chess opening that has a lot of deadly tricks and traps. Most of your opponents will fall for the early queen trap which allows you to win the game in less than 10 moves!

► Chapters

00:00 Deadly Chess Opening Gambit for White
01:07 1) If Black plays 4…exd3
01:52 Do NOT make this mistake!
03:42 Tricking your opponent into Tennison Gambit
05:55 2) If Black plays 4…Bg4
07:12 3) If Black plays 4…Bf5
08:51 Key tactical shot to remember
09:30 4) If Black plays 3…Bf5
11:14 Black’s strongest reply

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  1. 1. e4


    2. f3


    3. g5


    4. d3


    5. xd3


    6. g4


    7. gxf5


    8. fxe6


    9. g6+


    10. xf7+


    11. O-O


    12. xd1


    13. d7+


    14. xg5


    15. f4


    16. g2


    17. fxg5


  2. What about 1. E4 – D5 2. NF3 Dxe5 3. NG5 Nf6. 4. D3 Exd3 5. Bxd3 Nc6??

  3. I used to love chess when at school until I realised that white always has the first move advantage. I wonder why a coin toss for who goes first, instead of who plays white, has not caught on?

  4. Finally… Able to execute this gambit. 😁

  5. What about the h6 horse in the bishop position to both defend the checmate and bishop

  6. This was one of the first gambits i played to get cheap wins, I found it more consistent to enter this line by transposing with the Reti (1. Nf3 d5 2. e4) as it was more common for an opponent to respond with d5 (most common reply) than if you open with e5 (5th most common reply). Great opening for crushing beginners, loses it's value when opponents know the simple refutation 5. Bxd3 Nc6.

  7. Opening into one gambit with the option of setting up two more with unorthodox moves during development is more fun imo

  8. SO what happens again if they respond with c5?

  9. My problem is that I have no humans to play with here in Jamaica, just Stockfish, and it seems impossible to fool or trap the thing.

  10. @ 12:59 black can play Qd1+, after the forced line Qxd1 cxd1Q+ Kxd1 dxf5 he remains with two pawns advantage… still a nice gambit

  11. this is cool. but do note that if black deviates in some cases the game is -1.5.

  12. my very first game with white and i get to play this gambit, took his queen, made the win, quite amazing strategy! love it

  13. Can you cover if black responds pawn to f5 instead of bishop please

  14. Also, this gambit has a 0 percent success rate against any half decent player.

  15. Whats the line if they play h6 sooner instead of taking the second pawn for example: E4, D5, KnF3, dxe4, KnG5, KnF6, D3, H6

  16. Isnt this just the tennison gambit: intercontinental ballistic missile variation

  17. 9:23 you can sacrifice the knight from d7 to e5 so you can move the bishop from c8 to d7 and stop the checkmate

  18. ik this video is a couple weeks old but do anyone know what to do if black does e6 before the take d3 pawn?

  19. Thanks Igor – finally got to play this line. FIrst brilliant move on move 6 and second brilliant move on move 7 followed by a great move on move 8 – nice! He held on until move 23 but I was up 15 points of material by then. Tennison for the win!!!

  20. Played this 5 times. Only one went anywhere near the right line, and he veered off on move 2.

  21. My opponent just doesn/t capture my D3 pawn, completely stops it from working as intended

  22. Have been trying to get someone to fall for this for a while now but so far no luck. Any tips if they play 2…f5?

  23. Great, but I don't get that 'black most likely will be castling' thing whilst his rook is being attacked (5:42)

  24. I have a opponent who went Nh6 …I swear he cheating lol. But it is Daily. I did win with this gambit twice on rapid recently.

  25. I never get a chance to do any of this because they resign as soon as they think they are in trouble.

  26. 9:23 what do you mean there's no defense against Qf7. What about … Qe8?; Qf7+ Qxf7; Bxf7 Kxf7; nothing wrong there.

  27. Great chess lessons, very useful in blitz and rapid matches also, thank you Sir

  28. Nice, but basically no one never ever plays the moves you need.

  29. No one takes the bait, not at all useful. Looks cool though

  30. What's the advice if Blacks third move is queen to D5 instead of Knight to F6 or Bishop F5?

  31. I used to pay Nf3 alot forcing my opponents into the London or catalan or queen's gambit

  32. Except in my games my opponents don't don't take on d3 but attack the knight immediately with pawn h6

  33. Almost EVERY game i try this line (E4, D5, KnF3, dxe4, KnG5) black responds with F5… which gives very mixed results as i still try D3

  34. Sir… What about h6….!!?
    Instead of exd3
    please tell me

  35. I already messed it up and I haven’t even tried it yet.

  36. Igor – this has a simple refutation which you didn't cover: h6 on the 4th move, as in 1. e4 d5 2. Nf3 dxe 3. Ng5 Nf6 4. d3 h6! and there are no good moves for the knight. Nxe4 leads to a queen trade which leaves white slightly worse – hardly a reason to play the Tennison. And Nh3 is too horrible to contemplate. That's why 4. d3 isn't even given in the lichess masters database (which only shows the options Nc3 and Bc4) it's just a mistake. And just to underscore how bad 4. d3 is black is also better after 5… e5 (instead of trading the knights and getting the queen trade).

  37. I tried this position against Stockfish and even though I won his queen, he beat me like nothing, he initiated an immediate counter-attack with almost all his pieces, so I think its not a good idea to open defense this way if you play against experienced players who punish every mistake. But I learnedsomethi g new, so thank you for this lesson.

  38. I played this opening the moment I watched you do it and I got two brilliant moves thanks so much im playing tennyson gambit every game as white!!

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