DOMINATE as Black with the Caro-Kann

The Caro-Kann Defense is a chess opening for black. It allows beginners, intermediate and advanced chess players in any Elo to dominate the opening as black. Use to to improve at chess and win more games. In my opinion, this is the best opening for black. Subscribe right now!


  1. Haha sick video and nice humour was good fun and easy to follow and stay focused.

  2. Can’t tell you how much I appreciate this video. Shot up 100 in 24hrs and I’m finally sitting comfortably above 1000. King’s to you Fernand!

  3. Why would white just immediately kick the bishop that’s pinning the knight?

  4. I BEG you, do one with King’s Indian Defence, your videos explain opening concepts perfectly whilst being fun to watch. Keep it up!

  5. Great job BTW do you have a title just to know 😅

  6. You make the best chess videos in my opinion. And no an unnecessary talk just straight into it with a great sense of humor, I love it.

    Thank you!!!

  7. there's no sense in pinning the knight as black, white would just attack that bishop with his pawn that's literally a wasted move

  8. I love that you explain the goals of the pieces and positions. Us lower level players don’t need to remember a bunch of moves. Just tells us our goals and we’ll (try to) figure it out

  9. Lol, lots of times you will find yourself being black, you make me laugh man.

  10. Bro just guess my personality in 2 seconds 😭😭

  11. Whenever I try caro kann my opponets always brings their queens early to try scholars mate as now I can't defend it with knight I don't know what to do someone help

  12. Bro.. I cant focus without the zooming, music and the comedy 😢😭

    Please repost this someday with your usual editing

  13. Something I'm missing here is during the exchange variation you show the standard setup you're looking for, but it doesn't seem like there's any advantage or game plan – it'd be cool if you'd explain the goal from there

  14. Dude, you got me and my gf in to chess. Keep this up! Funny and educational! Perfect!

  15. bro can you do king's Indian defense? i love your videos so much

  16. These guides are brilliant, simple and straight to the point

  17. Bro I am new to chess I just want to learn more of chess pls help how to start better in chess an get better with time 😢

  18. Thanks to your videos, I went up 200 elo in just one night!

  19. "You find yourself of being black"💀💀💀

  20. best videos for beginners who play black & white. Keep up the excellent work chessPage1 & Please do this for other openings and gambits

  21. i love how he words everything – ive never been intereseted in watching chess videos but he makes it fun…. I tried this and won 3 GAMES IN A ROW – so helpful

  22. You should do one on the Old Benoni. It is surprising how many players fall into the trap.

  23. Why should white defend that pawn at e5 with Knight to f3? IMHO, f2-f4 is a far better and more natural move…

  24. bruv, i tried this opening…but he moved Nc3 in spite of d4…I mean: e4 c6 Nc3…pls help me, how to continue game after this move

  25. i used this opening once and white resigned after 1 move

  26. Any other based fantasy variation users here?

  27. Bro got too personal with that first line💀

  28. Thank you for the video. I've been having trouble playing as player 2 and I love this defense so much! Managed to win a game on the first game. ^^

    Update: Its been 3 days now since i learned this defense and I love it so much. Also just playing a lot learning and understanding more ive gotten a lot better than when i started. Thank you again~. I will always use this defense thanks to your video.

  29. Did anyone else catch that subtle dis at the beginning???

  30. playing f3 instead of playing e5 at the beggining can defeat caro kann if you know the variation.

  31. I have never subscribed to a channel faster. I'm not even done with the video. I love this.

  32. very nice and clear explanation.. i love it & i wanna play Caro Kann not played ever before 😅

  33. Great video. Dialing down the hyper edit helps (even if it isn't as funny). Btw some of us very smart but don't see the basic stuff you think we will. Welcome to chess under 800 ELO 😊

  34. "If you like free videos , you can now pay for them

  35. You a real one!!! Thanks for sharing all the free videos!!!

  36. Started learning chess from scratch two weeks ago and stumbled across your channel. Very helpful! Keep up with the great content!

  37. I love to play Pawn d5 because it is protected by the Queen but im not sure if this is very smart

  38. Interestingly I have a 70ish% win rate against the carro kan, this was before I knew what the opening was lol

  39. Dude that example game in the end is so helpful to understand the strategy, thanks

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