DOMINATE as Black with the Caro-Kann

The Caro-Kann Defense is a chess opening for black. It allows beginners, intermediate and advanced chess players in any Elo to dominate the opening as black. Use to to improve at chess and win more games. In my opinion, this is the best opening for black. Subscribe right now!


  1. i have been playing/watching chess for 6 months and this is the best video I have ever watched

  2. „If you enjoy my free videos you can now pay for them“ love it

  3. Everybody stupid=everybody smart😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. LOL… you are so funny. I loved your video.

  5. Please pin my comment I have watched this video 7times plzzzz❤

  6. I feel so smart I understood the fantasy variation reference, it’s so funny

  7. This video was my introduction to the Caro-Kann. After it I studied this opening and I love it. I'm still learning, but I play this opening whenever possible.

  8. Amazing, first time I see a video from you and it will be so helpfull !!! Thank you ! Kiss from France 😘

  9. Well if you play into the classical and the opponent spent like 20 mins prepping and actually remembers it you can get yourself into a lot of trouble

  10. Ahh, so it's like checkers. You get to the other side, and you become king.

  11. What if he push the black square bishop in 3rd move attacking my Knight before I can move it

  12. This not gone play out like that they would’ve been used pawn to move your bishop

  13. isnt there an entire article about all the ways white can mate black in 20 moves with carokann lmfao

  14. What do i do if they only push the d pawn by one square instead of two? It keeps happening every time i try it.

  15. At 7:33 I do not deny that Nc6 Bc3 is a good winning continuation, but what about Bxd2 Rxd2 Nxf3 gxf3 Kd7? White is down a pawn with a ruined structure and black can convert easily. Seems a bit easier to force trades?

  16. what if they defend the pawn in push variation by black bishop???

  17. I really like playing two knights caro from the white side, I feel like in a lot of lines black is immediately under decent pressure

  18. I need help knowing what to do if they don’t push or take and they just develop a knight or something(I’m like 850-900 elo right now)

  19. I really like how you break down the strategy in terms of the goals for individual pieces. It makes the entire strategy more digestible by putting it into smaller bites.

  20. What if they attack the bishop on g4 without breaking the pin?

  21. What if they H3 your bishop after you pin?

  22. For me as beginner best teaching, I like your funny explains ✌️♟️

  23. To passive. And every white know this opening. Dont like it.

  24. I had to go through a 30 second ad for this

  25. what are his piece and board theme i want them

  26. Hey Buddy, Im a 1200 trying to learn some openings and build up my openings collection. Any suggestion that you guys can give me. I am planing to play danish gambit as white (main) and caro-khan as black (main).

    Also @ChessPage1 Could you please make a part 2 for the danish gambit as the video for danish was really short.

    Love you ChessPage1 I dedicate my chess games to you and gothamchess and magnus (Only the ones I win)

  27. This was a great explanation, and it would be pretty helpful to add timestamps for all the variations.

  28. The instruction is super straight forward and easy to understand and apply

  29. Good work bro, very nicely defined. Now i feel I can take on Tal. 😂😂❤

  30. Damn, been looking to learn the Caro-Kann for a while now and this video is mad useful, thanks

  31. Great video, buddy! Don’t stop, make it for every opening

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