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GM Daniel Naroditsky (FIDE 2619) is an American chess prodigy who holds the record for being the youngest published chess author in history, writing his first book aged just 14 😎.

Now in his early 20s, Daniel Naroditsky still has this love of both learning and teaching chess, knowing that explaining his ideas to others helps him formulate them properly too.

In this chapter from his Naroditsky Method course, Daniel reveals the two secret opening principles that help him overcome ANY difficulty in the opening.

A beautiful example of his thinking method can be seen in a crushing miniature in the King’s Indian Defense.

After 1.d4 g6 2.c4 Nf6 3.Nc3 Bg7 4.e4 d6 5.f4 (the King’s Indian Defense, Four Pawns Attack), Naroditsky unleashes the shocking 5…Bg4!?

The idea of this move is to attack White’s center with pieces, with the d4 pawn coming under heavy pressure – a great example of Nimzowitsch’s classical ideas in modern chess!

After 6.Nf3 Black reveals his plan with 6…Bxf3! 7.Qxf3 Nc6 8.e5! (more pressure over d4) 8…d5 9.Nd4, and Black’s position is already better, after just nine moves! It’s amazing how easy it is to understand the position and create such a powerful outpost for the knight.

White tried to confuse Daniel with the similarly surprising 6.Qb3 – but that turns out to be a bad move. White is coming unstuck just 6 moves into the King’s Indian Defense – but how should Black refute it?

With Daniel Naroditsky’s principles it’s not difficult to discover the counterattacking sequence 6…Nc6! 7.Be3 e5!, and Black regains the initiative in the center. This game makes chess openings appear easy!

In just one hour, Daniel Naroditsky will teach you ALL the necessary concepts to play the chess opening like a master and how to punish any typical mistakes from your opponent. And Daniel also gives a few tips on how to apply these ideas in club games too, taking advantage of risky or inaccurate opening play.

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  1. These lessons changed my chess thinking. Thanks.

  2. I can't believe this kid is only 22, truly brilliant.

  3. Dude looks like ben stillers son in Meet the Parents 2. Villalobos.

  4. Regards, Rebecca Harris! 🙂

  5. 20:20 You mentioned e5 as an option that looks attractive but in fact doesn't offer much. As someone who plays this opening on both sides, I would never get in this position as black because I play d5 but in the position from the video white has d5 himself and it is a very tough move for black to deal with. Some lines white can even get that pawn to d6! and really disrupt blacks development. d5 is the top engine move as well and I don't want to sound like im lecturing a GM with my mighty engine moves I just wanted to share something I knew about this opening. Great video Daniel!

  6. Every moves after 1. e4 are unfamiliar territories for me lol

  7. Is there a digital version of the course?

  8. Daniel i work in foster city. You are a true inspiration. Great talent!

  9. I told myself to add Tabasco sauce. Then I added it. Ty

  10. "That day, when you were in the safari and you stumbled upon a chess board…"

    So there I was, in the jungle.

    If you hadn't become a chess grandmaster you could've become a comedian.

  11. Ten millimeter ways to win? Is that like the 7.62mm way to win, they teach in Russian chess academies?

  12. Lol "put my knees on my hands" Danya ur a funny dude lol

  13. Isn’t this guy charlie’s student?? Nice dude btw

  14. Thank you Coach Daniel I have learned a lot in this vedio

  15. Advice somehow nice but too wordy. Had to fast forward so many times, before he get to the point.

  16. What a legend, amazing teacher, so lucky to have people like him who also enjoy teaching..

  17. Great lesson thanks Dan. Also this is the perfect approach for classical chess.

  18. I never learned to play chess. I learned the rules😅🤣

  19. Technology is really marvellous. We’re truly living in a time where you can master anything. So many resources available for any interest or hobby or sports. This lesson here is from a GM that would have cost you lots of time and money just 20-30 years ago.

  20. Notable y pedagógico método de enseñanza felicitaciones gracias de Cd Juárez Chihuahua México

  21. Every move you make in the opening, every breath you take I'll be watching you

  22. 3 minutes into this video and i'm already convinced this kid is one of the most articulate speakers i've ever come across on youtube. a world class chess talent but perhaps an even more gifted communicator.

  23. Which coarse would you recommend for better 1 or 2 in your series

  24. You are my chess father, Daniel. My name becomes Jeonghyun Naroditsky whenever I play chess.

  25. "So I stopped, put my knees on my hands…." -Danya 2017 21:58

  26. I learned chess from my brother as well, but approximately for one year we played the white king on e1 the other on d8.

  27. I attempted to buy this by clicking the link, but it wouldn't take me to the place where I enter my credit card no. what else do I have to click?

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