Easiest Chess Opening

The Queen’s Gambit Declined Marshall Variation is an easy chess opening for beginners and masters.
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  1. Just to think i followed you for your fortnite vids back in the day and now im here learning chess from you

  2. Whats the song playing in the background

  3. Bobby is 1600 on his alt account he's really first 4000 elo player

  4. I play the queens gambit and no one accepts the gambit and no one accepts the gambit out of the only 30 accepted games I have of around 600 I’ve won 26

  5. What is the opening song? I can’t find it in the playlist

  6. What song did you use for the background in the first game?

  7. i like how bobby just goes on a rant of moves and then goes back to the actual game, confuses me every time

  8. Bobby: “This is low ratings. 1600s”
    Me in 400s: 😦

  9. My favorite channel by far. I love learning chess from someone who is lower rated than my grandmother!

  10. The computer has already refuted the queen's gambit.
    It is a draw.
    That in gm/computer level but still.

  11. "This is low ratings, 1600" bobby bobby bobby bobby bobby smh you think 1600 is low

  12. At 3:58 couldn’t you have pinned the knight then if they castled you could take the knight then the pawn, threatening their rook?

  13. bro you are climbing so fast! congrats. i'm settling around 1500 right now, finding it difficult to climb any higher consistently. i know you do puzzles a lot; do you do anything else to ensure consistent growth?

  14. BobbyBojangles. Did you stream snipe that one fortnite streamer (I can't remember who it was) and bring him loot all the time. You had montages of it too? Just curious because I loved those vids then, and I love these vids now

  15. Sure, this is reason I play kings indian against d4. I feel like that creates more trouble for white. It's very tricky

  16. Really interesting game even though i hate d4 openings

  17. you think like a master thanks for the vid

  18. I watched you when the flag flashed I was 1200 elo and now I'm 1700elo

  19. I mean the guy you played was pretty trash though like a 1100. Also the analysis where you play "natural" moves (just bad moves), I'm pretty sceptical about that as well.

  20. I think bishop getting off that square when the knight was pinned would have been a better move

  21. 13:56 Nxc6 is an option as it would counter attack the queen and just win a pawn. And if bxc6, the rook is no longer defended

  22. Wait a minute… you predicted the chess trend! Or you just play a game you enjoy more now. Great videos.

  23. Wow, they really changed how fortnite looks this season. Been with you since the beginning much love!

  24. 5:32 I'd say Kg7, you win also the bishop that way in the end and then it's two rooks + one bishop against a queen. You lose
    Also, 12:21 – Bd7 feels like a better defense even though it blocks the d rook's sight, because everything now gets to defend each other

  25. just some feedback about the music, i wasn't a big fan of it. it seemed creepy to me and made it hard to focus. sorry

  26. Can anyone explain to me why it would have been a bad move to take the queen at 2:22?

  27. Sir are you from Western PA? Your accent sounds familiar to me.

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