EASY Chess Opening


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  1. This is what i have been playing for 2 years or more

  2. The analogy of the pyramid is actually really good and easy to remember

  3. Been playing chess for around a week now. Played about 7 games now using the london system but im not 100% sure how to use it effectively. I keep finding my pieces are stuck behind the pawns. Am i not experienced enough for this opening or am i just missing an obvious tactic (most likely) lol

  4. What if black pawn go c4? Just retreat and break the formation?

  5. Thanks levy, I play the Englund gambit, looking forward to the premovers giving me a free bishop

  6. Me not knowing a thing about London System🗿

  7. Bruh why did you do this now more ppl will play the london

  8. Looks like Britain just blundered their queens after playing London

  9. Love it all… except I do a Queen side castle.

  10. It's fun until the opponent watches the same video 😐

  11. Only London course i know is the course to the back alley where i get stabbed to death

  12. That’s a thing. I do it every time but I never saw a video on it. I just did it naturally

  13. Nf3 should typically be delayed, coming after Nd2. Otherwise Black has opening traps White can fall into. Even c3 happens before Nf3 a lot of the time.

    Not saying this to correct Levy, he obviously knows more, just a heads up for people in the comments.

  14. So I’ve been playing the London system without knowing what it was

  15. Londom systems is pretty counterable
    80% of the time london system is played against me I manage to get a material or positional advantage in midgame or early endgame

  16. ive been dominating early game with these tips, i just cant get a mate. im so dumb

  17. oh great now I can gain 400 Elo points and become a GM

  18. Thanks for showing the most gay and non skill opening

  19. I accidentally found it playing with my mom.

    Accidentally blundered a king in the end tho

  20. It would be great if he indicated the actual point of this opening. Cuz after the pyramid is complete, you go like “now what?!” Even if your pawn is captured, you are confused to capture back whether with the pawn or the knight.

  21. Me: alright just need them to play c5
    Them: *attacks with queen*

  22. 2 questions, first how do you defend the 2nd bishop, second what happens if the don’t put the pawn on c5?

  23. NNNOOOOOOOO please don't create more people who only play the London system as white😭

  24. That’s actually the Colle-system an belgian opening

  25. Thank you I've been trying to figure this out for while now

  26. Honestly I think this is helping. I’ve started two games with this opening and even though I’ve been getting crashed through with the defense I have gotten checkmates on both games and that makes me happy.

  27. What do I do if they push their pawn and attack my bishop?

  28. Don’t teach ppl this trash 😢 It’s so repetitive

  29. Fitting that in the London we’re stealing a pyramid

  30. I played this and all my irl friends call me a London Loser what move do I do here

  31. Thank you for showing everyone one of the most disgustingly passive systems.

  32. Why wouldn't the other bishop capture my Bishop in f4?

  33. The anarchychess community will remember this.

  34. the London system where you agree to play like black with the white pieces completely giving up your first move advantage. immediate equality

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