EASY Chess Trap!

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  1. Thanks, now can you teach us the illégal trap?

  2. What if instead of taking the queen with the bishop, black plays Nxe5? White would play Qxh5 and black would respond with Nxc4? Wouldn't that ruin the whole setup and be a winning position for black?

  3. yea. What do I do when black goes bc5 instead of d6?

  4. what what if g4 black bishop attacks the h3 pawn

  5. What if the pawn blocks the bishop?

  6. What if knight takes knight now if u tqke the bishop u lose yours and ur down a full piece

  7. And then you sacrifice THE QUEEEEEEENN!!!!!!

  8. I just got done by this yesterday

  9. Légal??

    That mean cool in portuguese…💀

  10. After watching lots of trap videos and loosing almost 100 elo I've realized that your opponent never moves they way you want

  11. If the black knight takes the white knight, you dead.

  12. I played this trap but I moved my knight to the wrong place😂😂😂😂 but I forced a dra

  13. Why don't activate the trap when the bishop is g3'

  14. Why would he move pon to d6? Makes no sense

  15. See this is why i’m still bad at chess ! Because i would never sacrifice my queen 😭

  16. What if they take with the knight on e5 instead of the pawn?

  17. When you move knight f3 to e5 then bishop fucks your Queen

  18. but after the knight takes that pawn and they take our knight and we take their bishop, aren't they gonna take our unprotected bishop on C4?

  19. After i play bishop to c4 if he plays pawn to d6 then he the dumbest chess player alive😅

  20. The counterattack for this better be named "Illegal Counterattack"

  21. What happens after Bh5, Nxe5, and Nxe5 as it's attacking the protection less😏 bishop

  22. If black knight captures white knight, then white queen can capture the black bispot.


    the white bishop is hanging

  23. I sacrified my king instead of my queen🥺

  24. They moved their damn pawn to C5 instead of E5

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