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0:00 Introduction
1:14 Exchange Variation/Monte Carlo Variation (Against French Defense)
3:55 Italian Game (Against e5)
5:48 Classical Variation (Against the Pirc Defense)
6:38 Options Against the Scandinavian Defense
11:25 Exchange Variation (Against the Caro-Kann Defense)
12:32 Delayed Wing Gambit (Against the Siclian Defense)
15:34 3. Bd3! Against Owen’s Defense
18:01 2. Nc3! Against the Alekhine’s Defense

E4 CHESS OPENING VIDEOS! Some of these were not in this video 🙂
Monte Carlo Variation –
Delayed Wing Gambit –
Naselwaus Gambit –
Panov-Botvinnik Attack –
Ponziani Opening –
Scotch Gambit –

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  1. Some of my recent favorites:1) French Reti Gambit is so good, completely sound, and virtually unplayed. Your video on it made me go back to 1.e4 after 6 months to try to play it. I'm glad you highlighted the Monte Carlo too though, which I'm a big fan of as well and needs more recognition. 2) I absolutely crush people with the Byrne variation in the Pirc. Even if they don't fall into the trap where they're mated in like 10 moves, you get a fantastic rook on the open d-file and nice development. I win 70%+ in this line!3) Evans Gambit is too OP. Especially at the lower level where everyone plays Bc5 after Bxb4. This is another one I win 60+% in.4) Against the Owens, which I play with Black, I actually think that it's okay to play Nc3 if you support it with Ne2. Depending on the depth and the engine, the line 1. e4 b6 2. d4 Bb7 3. Nc3 e6 4. Bd3 Bb4 5. Ne2 Nf6?! 6. a3 Bxc3+ 7. Nxc3 is borderline winning for White (5…d5! is the critical move, but very few people know this at the club level. Nf6 is played more than 10x as frequently in the Lichess database).

  2. Gonna have to watch this again in breaks. This is a great video. Tons of info

  3. This is so cool 😻 please do a video for moves against e4 😀

  4. This is what I need! Thank you very much sir

  5. Thank You, Solomon, for the links! Outstanding Bro. … M.

  6. 1:28 – there's not such thing as a high draw rate in lower rated chess, lol!

  7. Exactly what I was looking for. So much more enjoyable that reading books! Thanks Solomon 👍

  8. youve got the greatest voice in the whole chess world, hehe. love your rhythm, and thanks for the good vids aswell.

  9. Really loved the counter to Owens and Sicillian…. both are so annoying

  10. Hey Solomon! the 2.b3 against the Sicilian isn't the 'Delayed Wing Gambit ' this one start with 2.a3 with idea of 3.b4
    the 2.b3 is the 'Snyder Variation'.

  11. I don't even play 1.e4. I usually start with reti and play in the style of d4. But if black plays 1.c5 then i'll transposition it into open sicilian over benoni.

  12. The Owens and your take on Alekhine were my favorites

  13. Great video as always, and I’ve been looking to rework my repertoire so this was a special treat!

  14. Ah, now I have an e4 option vs John Bartholomew & his Scandinavian! 😉

    Appreciate the way you're pumping out quality content, Solomon

  15. I'll give my repertoire : against sicilian i recently played wing gambit with really comfortable position i was playing smith morra before,
    against the french i had no clear answer and now am playing with the advance and try to opposite castle, caro kan i play the fantasy but for no complication i can play with c3. Thx for all the content i miss the longer vids you've done playin a single opening but theory is still everytime necessary and you are covering a broad part of chess openings ^^

  16. Could you make a video talking about the King's Gambit?

  17. Really liking the content Chess Giant. So logical and easy to understand.. My mission to reach 2000 is gaining momentum! Have you got a mix like this for the main (I know there are loads) responses you use when playing as black? I tend to do Pirc and Old Benoni but there are some other attacks by white like the Reti, Saragossa, English that catch me out

  18. Awesome vid for the E4 player. How about the GROB??? Grob lovers please thumbs up.

  19. Please make a video on How to play against the English opening?

  20. Hi Solomon, could you treat a nasty and extremely complicated variation of the italian game? I’m talking about e4 e5 Nf3 Nc6 Bc4 Bc5 c3 Nf6 d4 exd4 b4 and then Bb6 is the main move. Danill Dubov playd it against Karjakin winning the Russian chess Championship.

  21. I would ask you Mr Solomon , what is the simple opening or variations against nimzowitsch defense in black?

  22. What should white play against the hippopotamus?

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