Emory Tate INVENTED A Chess Opening!

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0:00 Context
0:35 Tate – Herfel


  1. I enjoyed the video .. Thanks

  2. Oh I have tried this opening before, and I don't have any formal chess lessons and didn't read books. It was instinctual.

  3. moving the rook first was something i played against my dad when i was 7 😂

  4. Police: "You fought 4 guys ,U should have been something else"

    Emory Andrew Tate Jr. :"My unmatched perspicacity coupled with sheer indefatigability makes me a feared opponent in any realm of human endeavour."

  5. That opening is so sweet. Emory Tate was the greatest Chess player to never achieve the title of Grand Master. Gotham is #2

  6. Time to lose some Elo and practice this opening 😅

  7. Why didn’t the knight just take C3? I’m so lost. Someone please help.

  8. Πολύ καλά 🫡
    Πολύ ωραία 👍

  9. bro i love this opening its so well thought out

    Every move and every sequence of moves that can possibly be played already exist. It’s a discovery, not an invention.

  11. Emory has planted his 2 best chess pieces (his sons) in the big game in a new Gambit that no one seen coming…a true master of the long game.

  12. damn what good match, good explaining, i just started chess 2 days ago thats what i need. U got a sub from me

  13. What's also interesting is that at 9:20, he can capture the bishop with double check, but it's not even necessary because he sees the other knight move leads to checkmate.

  14. this doesn't look like a professional match

  15. You explained in a way that was efficient while also begginner friendly thanks.

  16. Bro like the analysis definitely subscribe

  17. Guys..! I just got to 1300 rating in chess

  18. Big inspiration man I saw you play chess when you just started and now you’re a pretty strong player.

  19. Another hidden benefit of 8.Rg3, and the e6 pawn sacrifice: if black plays a plausible move like 8…bd7 or 8…Nd7 then 9.qh5+,… g6 10 Rxg6! (similar threats possible if there were a white Bishop on D3)

  20. Definitely make a tutorial on this opening it was insane haha

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