En Passant | Special Chess Moves

You’ve heard of this weird rule “En Passant,” but never knew just what it was and how it worked. Worry no more! IM David Pruess explains how to do it, and where this “exception rule” comes from.
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  1. literally, everything else to ever exist> his pawn texture

  2. Thank you I think I was just arguing with a computer. I WAS WRONG.

  3. It's important to mention that the capturing piece needs to also be a pawn.

  4. This has existed this whole time??? So many games lost that I could’ve won with this…

  5. Just lost a game which I had a good control over thanks to this shit

  6. Okay, so I've been playing chess on lichess against the stockfish level 8 computer and this "rule" has cost me alot of losses and usually when it happens during a match, the computer is the one thats using the "en passant rule" 99% of the time. I rarely get this chance during many matches even when the computer pawns jumps two squares right next to my pawns. I almost never get the opportunity to use this "en passant rule" as much as the computer does and im not sure why? Therefore, I do consider this rule UNFAIR especially if I did not agree to this very odd rule from the start. I was never asked, would i play chess with or without this rule. Now, i am wondering if there is any way to remove this rule in maybe the settings option on lichess to make the matches against the computer alot more fair and please let me know if you are able to remove this rule. Again, I don't agree to this rule at all and I'd rather play without this rule so I can have more success playing against the computer on lichess. Please help me!…also let me know if there are other chess sites that allow you to play without the "en passant rule." Thank you

  7. I’ve known the rule for 30 years, but I didn’t know the reason behind it until today 😄

  8. I just knew this when I saw my opponent do this. and I was like "what in the earth is happening?" lol yeah thank you for the explanation.

  9. This thing was 11 years old and the pawns look even AMAZING!

  10. Can we do en passant every time when the opponent piece is next to your piece

  11. ''what is that last pawn is taken but it was ahead'' literally typed this in YT and it actually showed me this video

  12. Thanks I remembering learning this move cause of old games I play but i didn’t know how to use it there’s some rules like this that makes me love chess even more and makes me think I am the king of the kingdom

  13. Only time I invoke the French and their limited 33 degree mindset 3 4 😉

  14. Horrible rule . Makes chess players seem like they are trying to cheat..

  15. Usefulness as a move: debatable

    Leave of fun it is to say: indescribable

  16. This en passant rule is somewhat tricky and confusing. At the same time though, I do get the understanding of how it goes.

  17. En Passant is kinda like a “reaction attack” in D&D where you get an extra action if an enemy tries to run directly next to you.

  18. The game wasn't like that before since i know chess player you have so dumb to make computer to play like and you can be the best player and you still cant beat the game its very stupid

  19. en passantttttttttttttttttttttt croasantttttttttttttttt

  20. “He played an illegal pawn move and called me a peasant in French.” negative elo moment

  21. Dude how confusing for ppl just starting and ppl that been playing .why are you executing the move of a knight with a pawn as part of your example? It makes it confusing and then your demonstration does not really come full circle . Did not enjoy

  22. Stupidest rule ever invented in chess, it really sucks

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