Englund Trap (Chess Opening Traps)

Hello everyone! In this video, I cover the Englund Gambit Trap. I teach you what it is, how to play it, and multiple variations stemming from it. Thanks for watching, like, and subscribe!


  1. whenever i try this they go bishop g5 attacking queen 🙄

  2. You always assume people will make the dumbest moves. You must not play very many people who can actually look more than 1 move ahead.

  3. When you check their king with the queen they might block with the knight

  4. I'm going to apply it 🔥 .check mate best friend 😁😁

  5. I love playing against the Englund Gambit. It's basically free points

  6. Englund gambit favorite opening vs d4 Bc it’s so dubious

  7. Remember guys with this opening you can only fool newbies. If after Qe7 white goes e4 then black’s position is worse than white’s

  8. if the white bishop pins the black queen then any sane guy will protect it's queen by moving out of the hole

  9. Slow down a little pal. You're not going to impress us because you can talk fast and race through this example. We're going to appreciate it if you present it in a way that we can best absorb it. Thanks.

  10. This gambit was one of my tricks to gain free elo, but when i analyzed it with the engine, this position is actually losing.

    The moment the opponent moves the knight and you capture the free bishop, you're losing your rook, and you can't stop it.

  11. What happens if he defends his pawn with f 4

  12. Could you not block the initial check with the queen's knight?

  13. Me trying all traps in my game
    My points: 377 bruh

  14. Umm… it won't work on newbies as they will just simply advance on their pawn and ruining the trap because they didn't follow the script ._.

  15. U forgot to mention after the “only good move to defend the rook”, 6. Nc3, white is simply winning! 😂🤦‍♂️

  16. As a 200 elo player this is too easy to counter

  17. Can we see a trap that forces a mate if taken?

  18. Well after all
    Only indians can understand
    The " englund trap "
    Written there

  19. That d4 … I've waited for years and failed even after that.

  20. I push the pawn and they’ll always fumble after that 😂

  21. What if the opponent tries Queen to f1 attacking the queen?

  22. What do if after Qg5, they play Nf6, you take the bishop and then they play Ne4?

  23. Any and all traps imo can only be utilized against new players or someone that’s genuinely bad

  24. When u move the queen up and then black takes the bishop just kill the black bishop with your knight then your rook is opened and your rook is defended with the queen

  25. I love playing against this one, they loose soo badly.

  26. I actualy did this twice in a row without knowing it and won both games (im talking about the pin on the bishop)

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