Evan’s Gambit: Chess Opening Strategy, Tactics, Tricks, Traps & Ideas | Best Moves to Win Fast

Here is the most attacking chess opening for white – the Evan’s Gambit. I will show you the complete opening strategy, tactics, moves, ideas, tricks & traps to Win Fast in the Italian Game – Giuoco Piano opening. Openings are the most exciting phase in the game of chess. You need to very smart in your opening setup so that you can gain an advantage to win more games. In this video, I will show you all the Traps for White to destroy black in the Giuoco Piano Chess Opening Variation. I will also show you the best moves & ideas in which black can try to counter attack & how you can diffuse them to gain a significant advantage. These are some amazing variations to fool your opponent & checkmate him in the first few moves. These secret tricks will help you in winning chess games against your friends & other players who have not seen such openings before. I also have an interesting Chess Puzzle for you at the end of this video. Let’s see if you can solve that.

6 Tips for Chess Openings:

Video Timestamps:
0:26 Evan’s gambit opening basics
1:31 Bishop e7 line by black (Bishop b4 main line)
3:54 Bishop a5 line by black (Bishop b4 main line)
7:35 Bishop c5 line by black (Bishop b4 main line)
8:18 Knight b4 line by black
8:53 Evan’s gambit declined by black
9:30 Chess Puzzle

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  1. 7:49 what if the bishop moves to b4? whats the best counterplay???

  2. With this gambit i defeated the rated player for the first time….Thank you sooo much

  3. Watch Chesstalk –> Learn openings and traps –> Get motivation to play –> Play chess and hope your opponent play as you hope –> They dont play –> Dissapointment –> Watch Chesstalk again.

  4. Your excessive talk is a turn off to concentrate on the game for some subscribers. Just show the moves by arrows. 🙏

  5. Wow that was very nice can u make a video on French defence

  6. Thanks for this chess video. You and some other people inspired me to create my own chess YouTube channel

  7. I think this is the puzzle answer: Qe4+ Kc5 Qd2+ Kb5 Qxd6

  8. blacks can play b5 fontaine countergambit or d5 the hein countergambit

  9. Nice video thanks for the tricks
    Puzzle answer -:
    Queen moves to d4 is the best move according to me. I would have done that in that situation because the king is threatened from many directions and is forced to move to e6.

  10. I
    think moving queen to E4 might make a check mate

  11. these type of steps does not apply on my illogical friends

  12. Sir what if the opponent in variation 1 will take the black king to f8

  13. Fantastic lesson. Thank you. This is my new favorite chess channel. Great explanations. Thank you! I’m looking forward to watching lots more of your videos.

  14. Are you a GM or IM, because you are as good as a GM

  15. This guy special. He thinks all the possible ways and tells you the way to win in every possible move. and also he not only explains what to do but also what not to do. This guy may not be a champion of grand masters. But I'm sure he can create grand grand masters..

  16. The puzzle:Qd4+
    K whatever move he wants
    After that it's basic queen checkmate

  17. The best move for white will be White Queen to d4

  18. I think queen to e4 is the best move for white . Queen can take d6 pawn and later c6 and checkmate in few moves

  19. Plz make a discord server on chess talk

  20. After Qxe4 why cannot we play re1 pinning the queen

  21. Queen e4, King c5 only move, Queen d4, King moves then Queen take d6 pawn?

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