Evan’s Gambit: Chess Opening Strategy, Tactics, Tricks, Traps & Ideas | Best Moves to Win Fast

Here is the most attacking chess opening for white – the Evan’s Gambit. I will show you the complete opening strategy, tactics, moves, ideas, tricks & traps to Win Fast in the Italian Game – Giuoco Piano opening. Openings are the most exciting phase in the game of chess. You need to very smart in your opening setup so that you can gain an advantage to win more games. In this video, I will show you all the Traps for White to destroy black in the Giuoco Piano Chess Opening Variation. I will also show you the best moves & ideas in which black can try to counter attack & how you can diffuse them to gain a significant advantage. These are some amazing variations to fool your opponent & checkmate him in the first few moves. These secret tricks will help you in winning chess games against your friends & other players who have not seen such openings before. I also have an interesting Chess Puzzle for you at the end of this video. Let’s see if you can solve that.

6 Tips for Chess Openings:

Video Timestamps:
0:26 Evan’s gambit opening basics
1:31 Bishop e7 line by black (Bishop b4 main line)
3:54 Bishop a5 line by black (Bishop b4 main line)
7:35 Bishop c5 line by black (Bishop b4 main line)
8:18 Knight b4 line by black
8:53 Evan’s gambit declined by black
9:30 Chess Puzzle

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  1. Move king to e4 then ti e6 then mive to d5.

  2. Queen can cut the pawn then take the king one side as he cannot move any direction while queen is there and now he can take the king there and queen will come between the two Kings that's a check mate

  3. The title in correct English would read "most aggressive chess opening".

  4. When I was playing with my friend Ayush he also had a distinctive position but for my better planning and also sacrificing higher pieces I won by a good plan.

    It is not about a good position, it is about a good plan.

    There is nothing impossible
    Everything is possible .


  5. Yes if the black bishop checks the king then no castling 🤣🤣

  6. There is many tricks to checkmate your opponent but at last you have to make your own trap to win 😀😀

    Don't copy others, use your imagination.

  7. These guys are just mere spectators
    Best chess talk line ever

  8. Probably you are the best chess tutor..your way of teaching is extremely good. I love to watch your chess vedios

  9. Qe4 is the ans and this was a really good help for my tournament

  10. This is not the most attacking opening. The most attacking opening is……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. THE TRAXLER COUNTER ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I am not a great chess player. My biggest weakness is attacking. I'm great with defense, and I usually defend until the opponent makes a mistake.but the problem is when I play other defensive players.

  12. Tooo much.. overexplained!
    It muddles the game.. lost the beauty of it..

  13. Great vid! But what happens if the queen moves to g6 after we attack it with the pawn in the Ba5 variation?

  14. 02:12
    Yeah,our queen and dark coloured bishop are in very attacking position

  15. Fun fact this video is 9:57 min long whereas chess talks subscribers are also 9.57

  16. 6:03 Alternatively, I believe we can simply move our rook to check the king and force him to move. If he blocks with his queen then his queen will be gone. Eventually he will end up moving his king and losing his right to castle at once. In case if the queen is not moved, we can push our rook forward to e5 attacking the queen. Rook should be safe as our bishop behind protects the black square. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Just a beginner 😊

  17. 2:27 what if black plays a5 before I play queen ? should I still sacrifice my bishop

  18. Everytime I watch your video I just get the confidence to beat any player but i keep losing .Not your fault because anyone gets lured and excited by watching your video!!love from NEPAL

  19. bro plz lower down yours subtitles, as we can't see the moves

  20. I tried this gambit against 10 different players and won 10 times. No one wants a rematch now!

  21. The harass black throughout the game made me laugh to death

  22. what if after white moves d4 the black will move Na5?

  23. Big fan of you brother! Your videos are amazing 🤩☺️

  24. Qe1 for the puzzle
    if Ke5 then Qa5#
    if e5 then Qe4#

  25. What if Black takes the booby traped pawn with the knight

  26. White Queen at E3 to e1, then if black can move his pawn from c6 to c5 or he move his king from d5 to c5, if pawn from c6 to c5, then Queen to e4 is checkmate; if he move his king from d5 to c5, then Queen to A5 is checkmate !!

  27. please sir! Turn move slowly yours pieces.

  28. Too late to watch the video
    Puzzle – Queen to E1 will bring curtains in next 1/2 steps depending on Black’s action (Pawn or Queen)

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