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This is a chess lesson with @Myth_YT, who is a chess beginner preparing for pogchamps 3, where xqc, moistcr1tikal, MrBeast, and Pokimane will play. It’s a good review of beginner chess openings, beginner chess strategy, and middlegame and endgame concepts.

0:00 Intro

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  1. This was by far my favorite video of yours! Super helpful to see you teach/critique move by move. Are there any other videos on your channel like this one?! Do you plan on making more content like this? Thanks!!

  2. I suck at chess. The best I can do is occasionally beat 1600 ratings, anything above that I get destroyed, it's frustrating.

  3. 29:05 I saw Re1 then pawn e7 and I was like amazing move except he shut it down 10 seconds later with knight c6

  4. Before he castled at 17:58 would it have been a good move to move bishop c1 to a3 and stop you from castling?

  5. But the pawn can take you. Life lessons from Levy. Great job GothamChess – these are fantastic videos!!

  6. 21:28 move d pawn to d6, discovered check, take pawn, queen take e7, night e6 forking queen and rook. Is this a good sequence or am I missing something

  7. Is this really TSM-Myth the old pro fortnite player

  8. My idea at the beginning of the game thta he didn’t mention was knight to d5

  9. 3:47 What if light square knight takes Black's e5 pawn? I think it might open up Black's house with potential early checkmate.

  10. Damn bruh, that FIGURE Myth be dumb dumb 🤦🏻🤦🏻

  11. Trash players in chat claiming myth is bad. No he’s not bad. He’s learning. 🤦🏻‍♂️ You can’t be bad if you’re not educated yet.

  12. ok i thought i was a begginner but watching this was painful so maybe im a bit higher skilled

  13. dude is pretty slow how do u protect square e5 with a pawn to give ur king breathing room,,move my bishp deerrrrrr

  14. 38:30 "…so I can take pawn" was hilarious and you could see Levy hold back laughing. It really is like that in low elo chess. Me see pawn, me take pawn 😀

  15. I would say the myth got bad advice there. He should of blocked the check with his bishop. You then probably of checked he’s king with your queen. He then blocks check with a knight or bishop. Then castle. Then he move room to what’s now a closed file. Open up the file take your queen. Now he’s missing a rook. Move his queen to his open file. You won’t be able to castle and missing a queen. No queen trade.

  16. I just started learning chess this week and this video along with some of your others have been sooooo helpful. But this in particular

  17. NGL, Bb4 IMMEDIATELY put my brain into Wayward Queen mode, because some players do that development backwards just to screw with you… so that just redoubled the urgency to play Ngf3 in my mind. That way, if Qh4 was to follow, I'd be ready to punish it with Nxh4

    Can you tell the sort of journey I've had from 400 to 500?

  18. A watched episode 2 and had jump today from 650 to 730 . Best teacher online

  19. Isn’t KC4 better then KF4 cause now he can’t defend his bishop

  20. Painful. Be better if your assistant wasn’t an idiot.

  21. yes, I move my pawn taking e4 and have problems with it. I could never figure out what to do next.

  22. congratulations on your marriage and your award.

  23. Twitch chat was really harsh on Myth whenever it took him time to grasp stuff. That was pretty disrespectful imo. They were calling him slow and such. Not sure if they realize that Myth is an incredibly accomplished FPS player and former Fortnite professional. Things that require quite a bit of higher level thinking to play at the highest level. Myth is the opposite of "slow".

  24. This video was super helpful! I’m brand new and loving it but losing every game! Love the thought between the beginner and GM! Awesome.

  25. Man said get mid control like he was playing Mirage on CS. It's funny cause I do the same. LMAO

  26. how about knight b5, d6 discovered check and after king goes to f8 then check with bishop a3 and if queen blocks takes? 21:09

  27. This is by far trhe best instructional Video I have seen on youtube so far. LOVE IT! More?

  28. Actually love how levy teaches his students like in this case. One of the first vids iv seen where Iv seen one to one coaching and you can clearly see the care and attention to detail that he takes. Great work and keep it up 👊

  29. After watching this video i was fully confident and i played a game and i lost

  30. mabappe will learn chess soon just keep working on it

  31. How is that evony “kings return” ad still up. That shut is so ass

  32. I'm rated 800, and after watching this video and taking notes, I played a game and got 99.4 accuracy… Gotham, you're just the best!

  33. Pretty sure the cannabis kicked in halfway through this game

  34. This was really helpful. I often wish I could talk out loud my thought process so my opponent who is more experienced, can point out what I'm missing.

  35. hi …what,s that ..366 ?? is this rate really ?? and why ??who does not know any thing about chess must have Elo ?? and why you must play with these beginners that just must be in clubs for learning correct chess way ?? are u kidding us ?? chess is a knowledge program ..and not just a game ..and who understand better ..is the better player …so for be the best .must so much try ..and learn ..and spend time ..more and more ..many many years …thanks ..

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