Every Chess Opening in 1 minute


  1. Me premoving an opening10 seconds laterMe : where- where did my king go?

  2. Me interested even though I have never played chess before

  3. Bro why does white have rights to move and black no 💀💀💀

  4. watched the full video and learned alot! Thanks bobby, and you are really helpful😁

  5. Every chess opening:
    *Explains opening principles*

    Goldsmith defence:

  6. Taş aktivitesi önemli 👍
    (Piece activity)

  7. So, we're not going to talk about that illegal C2/A3 lol

  8. Pretty much any black gambit: Are you serious right now bro?

  9. If u pre move all iw will check mate u lol

  10. How on earth is the C pawn ever going to be on a3 tho??

  11. How do you protect your bishops in this formation

  12. Bro is ignoring the fact that the enemy will move his pieces 💀

  13. one thing is once you are intermediate you can castle after your opponent to attack them with your pawns while not damiging your king safty

  14. I've been working out and getting in shape for summer and my YouTube channel might become a work out channel but I might start playing Fortnite again I haven't played in a long time but is there any way I could convince you to run duos with me I use to watch you and you were so good at editing and building

  15. Please go back to Fortnite everyone misses you

  16. I love the rap you sing and I use regularly in my video thank you bro

  17. Are we not gonna talk about how he moved his pawn like a knight

  18. What I say to beginners is that you should develop all your piece and castle, then start to open up the position and march down the board. Advanced players with understand what I mean

  19. I am going to play this opening in order to avoid black from moving

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