Every Chess Opening in 5 minutes

Bobby explains basic chess opening principles. Subscribe to learn how to play chess.
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  1. In this age of computer chess, I think it would be better to just let the two players completely develop their pieces secretly with a barrier behind the board’s middle line, remove the barrier and just play from there…

  2. 5 minutes was promised. i lost 20 FULL EDUCATIONAL seconds of the video. disappointed.

  3. Can we see opening principles but from a defensive starting point

  4. This was unbelievably helpful to me, as I suffered with having to choose an opening and play accordingly to it by memorization was hard. But now I understand more and my games will improve, thanks Bo

  5. I love how in the showing the best way to open you just show the Italian game.

  6. what happened to your fortune content if you don’t mind me asking

  7. Title says "every chess opening in 5 minutes".. Video contains zero chess openings in less than 5 minutes.. But still instructive!

  8. This Dude was the best Fortnite Youtuber and now he is the best Chess Yotuber

  9. great chess vid bro. even tho it hast been 5 mins

  10. funny thing it has been 5 minutes since it has been posted

  11. I am convinced this man is a world champion in another universe

  12. " Intelligence don't matter " – Intelligent people

    " Looks don't matter " – attractive people

    " Openings don't matter " – Super GMs

  13. The video has nothing to do with it’s title

  14. You're such a great teacher. Many other popular chess channels, are great at the game, but rarely explain things as well as you do.

  15. Thanks to this video I have become a master of giucco pianissimo.

  16. I literally came to your channel not too long ago, and ever since I’ve watched your videos I’ve been trying to play like you. I’m literally watching every single video that you had posted about chess from day one lol. Keep up the grind man.

  17. While i like the video, the way you structured it makes me fear for people like my friend, who plays the Italian every single game, regardless of what the opponent does. It's an awful habit, and I really want him to learn how to properly play openings.

  18. Wow great segway into the plug for your other videos

  19. i thought you was going to showcase a bunch of chess openings like italian, queen gambit, ruy lopez, v.v for both white and black lol
    this is much better though 😀

  20. 90% of games 900-1400 are just mirror matches with this exact same Italian setup. I started using gambits and traps purely because I was bored of these games and I shot up to 1800.

  21. Me waiting for every opening (it never happen)

  22. Me I just keep pressure and attacking my opponent but now I just castle and control I call it shield and sword

  23. I agree that understanding opening principles is much more important and useful than just memorising a lot of lines. I didn't learn any theory line till I have got to about 1600. People there start playing a lot of different gambits and usually you want to know what to play against it, especially in blitz or bullet. In rapid tho there's enough time to try to figure it out all by yourself without theory

  24. You have to know this, knights before bishops center control is key, don’t forget the rooks they’re a powerful piece and that’s the Bobby Bo opening

  25. Can you make a video on endgames pls mr jangles

  26. wait what you started playing 3 years ago I play like since I was 7 or 8 and you are higher rated?

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