Every Move is a TRAP in this Opening After 1.e4 | Danish Gambit

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🔹 Aggressive Chess Opening, Goring Gambit for White After 1.e4 [TRAPS Included] –

In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares with a powerful and aggressive chess opening for White after 1.e4. It is the Danish Gambit which happens after the following moves: 1.e4 e5 2.d4 exd4 3.c3.

It is a super-aggressive opening where White plays several god-level moves in a row. Almost all the most common moves played by Black lead to deadly traps that gives a huge advantage for White or wins the game straightaway.

► Chapters

00:00 Powerful Chess Opening for White After 1.e4
00:23 Danish Gambit Chess Opening
01:03 Trap-1: If Black plays 5…Nf6
02:25 Trap-2: 5…Bb4+ mainline
03:55 God-level moves, every move
06:35 e2-pawn promotes on b8!
07:15 Computer suggests a CRAZY line
08:39 Trap-3: 5…d6 to stop e5
09:27 Puzzle of the day
10:40 Trap-4: If Black plays 5…Qg5
12:11 Trap-5: 5…Nc6 (for advanced players)
15:01 Trap-6: 5…d5 (for advanced players)
16:52 Can Black avoid the Danish Gambit?

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  1. Perfect timing. I was exploring this opening very recently, being disappointed that you did not cover it, and then several days later, you do. 😊

  2. Puzzle time: I'd sack the white bishop for a check, knight G5 check, Queen G4 for a yummy snack

  3. Since we are all adepts of Igor Nation, it means that we are all e4-e5 players (say hi to Rousseau Gambit), therefore we deal with Danish Gambit a lot as Black. For this reason we simply know how to counter it thanks to Stockfish. All these Danish Gambit-players instantly fall apart after you make 3 or so Stockfish moves in a row because they dont know right continuation and only know those wrong-move lines.

  4. In the early nf6 line after e5 black has bb4check ideas and d5 and keeps advantage.

  5. Statrted playing chess 1 week ago.. Thanks for these videos, really helpful

  6. At 16:00 why not Bxf7 anyway? After Ke7 Qxd8 Kxd8 material is equal and white is better developed while the black king is stuck in the middle.

  7. That's a new and very good gambit for me but somes players more advanced know how to deal with this,but at least this give to us a quick and good developments for our pieces.Thank you again Igor your video are really appreciated!

  8. What do y’all think of his online courses he sells?

  9. Everything brakes if black knight to h6 in the beginning 😂

  10. I haven't played it yet, I have to try it.thank you igor.

  11. This fails to QE7 if pawn ever pushes to attack knight. The only advantage of an exchange were to take place is black position would be a bit sloppy but then he’s up pawns and down a few tempos potentially

  12. I play blitz mostly 3min games at 1400-1550 level and no one really seems to fall for the danish gambit.

  13. I want learn the reti opening variations as white and it is going horrible for me so far😢

  14. I noted everything down and studied all the line but no one actually accepts the gambit for some reason they are all afrait that i take back with my queen and i dont understand why literally in over 50 games only on accepted and then decided to park his pawn on d4 without taking my other pawn its frustrating that it just doesnt work

  15. What the heck dude. I play one game with this and you didn't even cover QE7. Thanks a lot for nothing.

  16. I must be tired, maybe. See 15:58. Black goes bF6. Why won't the bishop sacrifice still work, winning white a queen?

  17. 1:20 “if they start trying not to have sex” IS THE SUBTITLE BROKEN????????????

  18. The answer to Bg4 looks like Bxf7+ Kxf7 Ne5+ Kany (if dxe5 Qxd8 wins the Q) Nxg4. Regains a pawn and stops Black from castling but White is still a pawn down. Instead of Ne5+, Qb3 and Qxb7 looks tempting but Black saves the Rook with Nd7. I saw a variant game where White had played Nc3, and after Bg4 sacrificed his Queen with Ne5! The game finished Bxd1 Bxf7+ Ke7 Nd5#! That's not possible here as the Knight is on b1. Black had somehow wasted a move in the other game.

  19. This is one of the best openings I've seen! Because I really love bishops. And little wandering pawns. AND WINNING! 👍 And I LOVE this channel! ❤

  20. A lot of the suggested moves by Black come from being too greedy and trying to find ways to hang on to both extra pawns, which gets him into trouble. There are lots of ways where he can give back a pawn at some stage and get a reasonable position. The Danish Gambit was very popular 150 years ago and was put out of business by masters finding ways to return one or both pawns with an early d5 when Black gets an equal or superior position. Of course you need to know those lines … The other point is that many of these traps work in games played at blitz speed, but generally fail against opponents who think for a minute or two in classical chess – which were the vast majority of games until a few years ago.

  21. I love this opening as a black player: forget about all these presented lines mainly based upon bad knight moves. After Bxb2 Nf6 e5 – keep calm – Bb4+ Nd2 d5 ! exf6 dxc4 fxg7 Rg8. It is a clear -2 for W.


  23. this video made me subscribe your channel.

  24. At 7:55, shouldn't it be better for black to blay Nc4 and fork the bishop and the queen?

  25. 15:56 Nf6 still falls to Bxf7 tactic. I think you meant to say 'Nc6' is the correct response

  26. that's criminal..a life sentence for them moves!!!!!

  27. I think the solution is Qd5 hitting f7 and b7 anyway this was a god opening

  28. Have to admit, I have tried it and it's almost unfair… It works 😄 most importantly learned important concepts!

  29. Great video on the Danish Gambit. Lots of these ideas have been explored in several old videos, it's nice to have them all here at once. Thank you.

  30. In trap 1 most people play 6…Ng4. Any cool ideas how to react??

  31. Then why isn't it talked about and praised as often as other openings and gambits. I knew of it but hardly anyone talks about other than bringing it up as a part of covering it as a matter of course in an opening video etc etc.

  32. Very good video! Both informative and entertaining. Love your videos!

  33. Sorry if I'm being thick but I don't know much about chess play but how did the pawn take on D6 when there was no piece on that square. The black pawn was on D5 and yet was taken by the white pawn.

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