GENIUS 200 Elo Chess

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  1. move the rook to take both rooks HA I KNEW IT

  2. I just can believe what I saw, this is…. on another level (still better than me tho)

  3. Your delivery of the play-by-play AND the color of these games is spectacular!

  4. these games make low elos look bad
    we're not actually this bad

    im 300 elo

  5. kinda crazy how we've seen much worse games covered here on this channel from people that are like 800 elo lol

  6. "200 Elo gambit" made me roll on the ground 😂 Gotham is probably Obi Wan Kenobi of chess, the master of trolling.

  7. About 8:35 in the video: Ne2 does do something, even if it's not a great something – it blocks the Bishop's view of d1, giving the ability to long castle without losing a piece, since Nd2 can be captured by the Knight on c4. I'm not saying it's a great move, but it does accomplish something.
    Great videos btw!

  8. if he just moves the queen to the back ranks he wins lmao this guy trolling you

  9. The only thing I hate about low elo is everyone keeps trying the scholors mate which as someone who has still yet to get to 400 because I keep blundering(getting better by watching gothem and stockfish) everyone keeps blundering their queens

  10. Chess board be like: What the f**k is happening on me😂😂

  11. How is that a stalemate it is a checkmate right?

  12. The way gotham narrates sounds sarcastic

  13. GM Adam….how?!!!….GigachadMaster?…..wt?!!

  14. white can't move any pieces. But that doesnt stop white from moving a piece😭

  15. Please can you review my 600 Elo+ game it was 97.7 rated game

  16. Hahaha i love this because I've done this once before, i had all of the opponents pieces it was just a king i was up about the same points and then stuffed it into a stalemate 🤣🤣🤣

  17. I mean like you cant blame adam for drawing it. He is quite new and i also sometimes draw it and im 2x of his elo. Not much more but it still is more.

  18. The stalemate is fucking gold. What an ending. Thanks Gotham.

  19. all the grand masters been real quiet after this matched dropped

  20. When chess is played perfectly it's a draw.

  21. 5:34 – "Our protagonist, Adam, gets a little bit scared of the disturbance of the arrival of the horse" is an amazing sentence.

  22. I literally saw a Gotham chess ad before seeing this

  23. The remarkable thing is that they know how the pieces move. Imagine if monkeys could do that. You would say they are genius.

  24. I'm 200 Elo but I'm much better than this level I guess the white player is just being dumb because I would've managed to see all the good moves he could've done…

  25. The fact that the last move almost was checkmate, and it landed on the only square on the entire file that would lead to stalemate, is just fascinating. Brilliant display of how serious of a business is 200 ELO chess.

  26. Managing to find stalemate is actually more impressive than finding a checkmate there

  27. Honestly if that was me I would've gone for the third queen promotion ladder, just for the lolz

  28. in fact , if you want to beat magnus you need to be a genius. thats all

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