GENIUS 200 Elo Chess

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  1. Don't translate😡

    ເຈົ້າຖືກສາບແຊ່ງເພາະວ່າມັນຖືກແປຖ້າເຈົ້າບໍ່ທໍາລາຍຄໍາສາບແຊ່ງ, ເຈົ້າຈະຕາຍວິທີດຽວທີ່ຈະທໍາລາຍຄໍາສາບແຊ່ງແມ່ນເພື່ອຈອງຊ່ອງທາງຂອງຂ້ອຍລົງ​ທະ​ບຽນ​ດຽວ​ນີ້

  2. Conclusión: Adam is Gigachad. He don't need the win nor the time.

  3. Turns out 200 is both their ELO and their IQ.

  4. And the Oscar goes toooooooooo…….. Levy!!!

  5. That twist stalemate at the end there is absolute gold lol

  6. Why did at the end of the video stand M1? Is it not a draw

  7. my friend needs to see this because he plays so much illegal moves like my man straight up takes the king… my man dont even know about en passant 💀💀 or about castling💀

  8. the queen can mate and yet he chooses stalemate…..

  9. Please someone explain me how they get gm title?😓

  10. Anyone else's OCD triggered by that ALMOST closed door?

  11. I don't understand this level of chess coz they're too strong 😂😂

  12. This is the reason why top level chess has so many draws 😅

  13. 1:50 I actually played this exact gambit recently and the opponent got obliterated 😂

  14. When my friend says its too close to winning

  15. No it is 2700 by Hikaru because magnus is a robot

  16. I once played somebody.. they played so bad it just straight up gave an emoji.. for their accuracy

  17. if he put the queen on d8 it would be checkmate right?

  18. this guy at the end has a voice that's sounds like a youtube video about the gold rush.

  19. This was thrilling. Unreal how good you are at shout casting low elo chess

  20. No matter what, I cannot accept the last move. I just can't

  21. they seem way higher elo and the name "innocent 200 elo" sounds hella sus

    edit: the endgame was for sure 200 elo though

  22. this game proves chess played perfectly is a draw, regardless of the time.

  23. I like looking the GM tag behind the 200 elos

  24. Chess when played perfectly is always a draw

  25. i almost vomited at the end of this video

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