Get Cocky with the Cochrane Gambit | Chess Openings Explained

National Master Julian Proleiko explores the Cochrane Gambit, an opening out of the Petrov Defense where White exposes Black’s king by sacrificing a knight for two pawns.

Konstantine Shanava vs. Mikhail Mchedlishvili, 2008: C42 Petrov, Cochrane gambit

Sarunas Sulkskis vs.Dmitry Frolyanov, 2004: C42 Petrov, Cochrane gambit

Sarunas Sulskis vs. Riho Liiva, 2007: C42 Petrov, Cochrane gambit

Herbert Kruse vs. Michael Aigner: C42 Petrov, Cochrane gambit
Nigel Short vs Alexey Shirov, FIDE GP (2002): C42 Petrov, Cochrane gambit

Veselin Topalov vs Vladimir Kramnik, Linares (1999): C42 Petrov, Cochrane gambit


  1. I used to play this as an 800 in bullet tournaments against 1700+ players and I netted a few wins. They get so confused

  2. Checkmate in 8 moves 1st time I tried the Cochrane after watching the vid. Thanks 👍Obviously I am a low level player

  3. very suspicious, Kummer would be proud!

  4. well in a lot of the positions you showed there was a Be6 move which gives a small advantage for black like
    e4 e5 Nf3 Nf6 Nxe5 d6 Nxf7 Kxf7 d4 Be7 Nc3 c6 Bd3 Re8 h3 Be6! O-O Kg8 f4 Bf7! Kh2 (to play e5 without getting Qd4 check) Kh8 e5 Nd5
    Black is up a piece for 2 pawns ,
    I don't see whites plan or componsations.

  5. why doesnt the simpler f3 fork work and win a tempo?

  6. I've played this opening against up to national masters with success for fun, but I wouldn't take it past the expert section if I'm being totally honest. It's good fun and it might net you some wins, even against surprisingly strong opponents, but it's already hard enough for me to convert against 2000-2100 players in tournament (with theory against someone with no theory, and it often takes a lot even with engine perfect moves to gain any sizable advantage) so I can't recommend this opening in good conscience for tournament play.

    That said it's an incredibly fun opening and I'm really glad to see you guys making a video about it!

  7. Just a small tip maybe – please use default green color only for arrows (or blue, choose one :P), I think that way is better for concentration and focusing only on pieces and game; and also, don't circle every single pawn/piece/square.
    But most important, thanks for a great lecture! 🙂

  8. Very interesting! It's been a long time ago since I didn't watched any videos of this channel, but I see that the level hasn't gone down. Keep up the good work!

  9. Nice video g0lden jokes)) is there any way to contact teacher?

  10. Julian behaves a lot like Ben Finegold.

  11. Greatest advice ever about Chess: play it like it's a game 🙂

  12. My biggest problem, since learning how to play chess about 2 months ago is my opponents response to my openings with e5 then c5 then d6… This variations seems to hinder my position or my openings. Sometimes there openings are the same e4, c4, d3… How do I crush or develop these responses and openings? Most of the time I'm losing center control and alot of material to offset this action… Help!

  13. FYI,Karpov is the world's leading Authority on this opening. His monograph on the Cochrane Gambit is a classic. He has beaten a number of very strong players with it.

  14. What not rook take the pawn next to it at 27:33? Bc threat of rook trade or what?

  15. Nice video! Do you have any more information or the source for the Kasparov bit on his "Quadrant Rule"? – 24:00

  16. Over an hour into creating a chess base file and you find out it's basically refuted :'(

  17. This guy is the best instructor of the universe, really, major upvotr

  18. You have explained in depth.
    Thank you for your time invested in us.

  19. This is a really good gambit imo. If king takes the knight its only minus 1 cuz you already took 2 pawns and then their king can't castle and have to waste moves trying to protect him

  20. What if king doesn’t take knight and you get queen?

  21. “There is no position worse than checkmate” 🤓🤓🤓🤓

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