GM Hikaru Stunned At Famous Master’s 1.g4 Grob Opening! FM Mark The Duck vs GM Hikaru

Game 2 of FM Mark The Duck vs GM Hikaru! –
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How will GM Hikaru do against the famous 1.g4 Grob???

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  1. alternative move for rook c8 is pawn a3.

  2. Where is this? I want to play with the crew!

  3. guy in the background was trying wayyyy too hard to be funny.

  4. Why didn't king take the rookafter the pawn push

  5. Hikaru jams his head even with no headphones on. Must be his chess focus.

  6. spent a solid half of the vid completely not noticing the digital board in the middle of the screen

  7. Duck is good enough to hold his own with Hikaru on completely even ground, without the usual time odds. Big props

  8. I know it's been a year since ttb e video but has anyone noticed the forking threat while having a discovered attack on hikaru so if pawn captured the knight his pawn structure would be damaged and he'd lose his queen if he moved the queen he would have lost the rook you can see this at the time 2:41

  9. White played a weak grob letting the pawn advance and also trading a knight and pawn for knight.weak!The grob game must quickly atack or develop position.White needs to go back to grob school.I like grob opening weather white or black.

  10. Hikaru sure recycles that pineapple shirt a lot.

  11. In your analysis you are missing that the a file was open in the game played. Duck moved the a2 up and ended up taking the knight on b4. My question is with the a file open, couldn't Duck have attacked the a7 pawn with the rook and start putting pressure on the king? The bishop has a nice diagonal attack on the b7 pawn that is protecting the king. Would this be a winning position?

  12. After admiring both Hikaru's and Mark's shirts I just gotta say the guy at the beginning standing on the other side of the chessboard has an insanely cool shirt.

    Nice drip man. I want one.

  13. At 3:05….why wouldn't he move the knight and take the bishop on the white square? Knights safe because he would would have to protect his queen, then you have a chance to move the knight again and put him in check to take the left side rook

  14. How do these guys make it look so easy?🥵

  15. At 9:48 : Wouldn't Knight to e6 be a good move? You take the bishop and create a discovered attack on Black's queen??

  16. Always wondered was FM was about?! Famous Master of course!

  17. Hikaru is like a 2023 intel i9 3.8 Ghz while everyone else is intel celeron from 2010

  18. 3:03 knight to d5, discovered attack on the queen so queen must move away, then knight forks king and rook,

  19. at 1:41 Nxe5, Nxe5 then f4 is a good chance to stir it up a bit

  20. …and then he stunned the Duck with his game😂

  21. I don't understand the Rc2 move. Why was he so concerned for that pawn?

  22. Duck is no joke! Was some challenge for Hikaru…I even saw him think!

  23. 6:30 game over, black will have freedom forever with white tied down

  24. I like About Hikaru that he actually has fun playing chess and beeing on this level at the same time

  25. 9:57 Why doesn't kxf6 work here? It looks like a free bishop to me since you are revealing an attack on the queen as well.

  26. 11:20 I saw this line, and black was probably still better because its up a pawn, but I think its probably a draw? When Duck went to defend the pawn, I was like bruh, now you cant move any of your rooks :/ and probably GG
    He did play some fancy exchange sacrifice to get the game going but we all know its all Hikaru afterwards 😕

  27. Hikaru is cool.
    He played the hustlers in a park in Johannesburg here in South Africa.
    It was chaos, but he

  28. Great vinjett, Carl, chess is fun even when losing, and good training for Hikuru.

  29. Ummm…. wtf is that chin diaper doing for him in the beginning?

  30. Im def no fan of the grob. Duck was doomed from the beginning.

  31. What a legend Duck! Playing the Grob against GM Hikaru! And what a SPICY game! We're so proud of you Duck and we're so honored to have you show the art you create on the chess board to the world! If you'd like to get Duck coffee for that AWESOME game with GM Hikaru, here's the link – – You can also use that link to send him a note he'll read!
    Thank you GM Hikaru for showing up and playing our Resident FM!

    Game 2 of FM Mark The Duck vs GM Hikaru! –

    Check out and sub to GM Hikaru's channel for more of the crossover videos! Note they are different games! Not the same as on this channel!

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