Greatest Chess Move Ever

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  1. You know, gold coins are heavy and solid, they could have had hurt someone from throwing coins.

  2. I didn’t watch it yet, I’m going to assume Queen to g3, if h2 take queen, knight goes to e2 checkmate, if f2 takes queen, knight goes to e2, check, king moves one over, rook takes rook, checkmate. If no one takes queen, black queen takes white queen, or a queen trade involving the black rook…

  3. From when are spectators carrying gold coins?

  4. Hmmm. What about just pulling the right pawn 1 forward?

  5. It's like a black mirror episode what yt has done to levys personality. Fake voices and zany antics to appeal to 12-14yo

  6. So spectators came with gold coins already or they went to buy it post seeing this move

  7. Isn't knight e2 also winning in several moves?


  9. Gold coins in the most lego npc thing ever.

  10. can't i just move my queen at e5 and stop this, am i wrong ?

  11. Gotham Chess be like: "THE ROOOOK! THE QUEEEN! THE KNIIGHT!"

  12. best trio in chess, Knight, Rock, and of course, The Queen

  13. Absolutely greatest of all time I never thought of this

  14. Solved it but it took me 5mins while lying comfortably on my bed

  15. He talks as if it's the end war in a movie

  16. I saw something else. Knight e2 check king moves rook takes c2 and if he takes with the rook you place your queen e1 and you win the game if he runs with the king you takes his rook checkmate

  17. Rather than playing Queen to G3, can’t white do knight to E2, giving check. Then rook to F7 taking pawn and it’s mate in 2 or 3?

  18. I think rook e3 would have been white's best move to prevent

  19. Make a video about Spasky's Nc6, giving up the knight right at its 1st move, and winning the game, in which he was having a bad time.

  20. What if white takes the rook after the queen sacrifice?

  21. Indeed a 1300 like me couldn't see that coming in lightyear. Also me: who never sacrifice queen.

  22. he could have used the knight to push the king away and then use the queen to capture the pawn 🗿

  23. I do chess classes and we were doing this puzzle

  24. What if white play Qe5, instead of taking black queen?🤔

  25. What if Black had responded with Re3? That takes both Ne2# & Nf3# and also blocks Qg3, because it's double defended by fxe3 and Qxe3. Sounds like White made a massive mistake by not forking Qc3 & Kh3 while fully defended.

  26. I looked at f2 rook sacrifice as the move then realized he can just take with king instead of rook but at my rating they'd probably take with rook anyways

  27. Actually 2 checkmates if the Queen is not taken.


  29. What's up with the retarded voice whenever there's a sacrifice you make me not want to play chess because of that stupid voice you make after there's a sacrifice

  30. And even if he played queen to e5 to prevent queen checkmate its a check with the queen and mate with the ROOK !!

  31. When you see this it is so obvious, but coming up with it is difficult.

  32. Can you suggest any app for Android phone for chess opening that works offline

  33. If someone played that against me I'd report them for cheating.

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