Halloween Gambit: How Scary Is It? | Chess Openings Explained

Jonathan Schrantz demonstrates the Halloween Gambit (also known as the Schultze-Mueller gambit), where white captures the e5 pawn in the Four Knights. Is it really horrible and just a gimmick? Yes.

Mic interference ends around ten minutes in.

Grigor Minchev vs Aleksandr Petrov, TCh-BUL (1994): C46 Four knights, Schultze-Mueller gambit


  1. Nice presenttion. Watching this time of year is becoming a tradition with me.

  2. Please, I need a name of computer´s program that does chess analysis

  3. I gave them a like on the intro alone hahahahahahhhahahahahahhahah

  4. Clickbait in chesschannels – what a time to be alive

  5. This is like really low level chess probably

  6. This is a cool gambit I will use it for my chess tournament this year!!!!!!!

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  8. That introduction was Fire, you the man. i was joked it was dope

  9. at minute eleven, pawn does not take bishop.  White bishop takes pawn, check.  King takes and queen to f3, check.  King moves and queen captures black bishop.  White now has 3 pawns for the knight sacrifice and black cannot castle.  Black king is in the middle of the board and king rook is out of the game.

  10. minute 33. Knight takes white pawn is not decisive or even wise.  White bishop takes knight, Queen takes back.  White knight checks and takes the rook.  Material is even, black cannot castle and will have a hard time activating any back rank pieces.  Black queen can throw in some checks which white can easily parry with his pawns and queen. Eventually white king will castle, probably queenside and have connected rooks.  This should be decisive for white.

  11. minute 31. Bishop takes knight and black queen recaptures (almost forced or black down a piece).  How does black defend queen to e2 check?  King to d8 does not stop knight to c7 threatening rook.  If rook moves white mates on e8.  If black blocks with bishop or knight, pawn takes, check and black is down two pieces and king exposed.  I luv this gamble.

  12. The teachers at the chess club are all so genuine and actually interested in the game.

  13. minute 31, c1 takes the knight, queen takes back, then knight takes rook and white is up the exchange and can eventually castle on the queenside. Yes black can throw in some checks but castle will occur and black king is unable to castle.

  14. I'd like to see the Alien Attack explained please 🙂

  15. I'm two years late, and clicked solely for the thumbnail. Glad I did. Such dedication on that intro.

  16. On the line where white is taking pressure, and you play Queen F3, I'd say best continuation is bishop D2 unpinning knight and the quickly long side castle. Your rook covers the advanced D pawn, and you can develop freely without having to worry about your king's protection.

  17. I played against someone and they played the move Knight to B4 I'm wondering if this is a good move

  18. This gambit is not that bad as presented in video. The most critical line is Ng6 e5 Ng8 Bc4 c6! though.

  19. I played this scary opening with my dad and he lost.He had no clue.Thanks friends.:d

  20. dude trashed the opening, i wanted to learn traps

  21. For learning would be better if you show your demonstration without interruption from students, we all know there are many variations on openings so learn one until becomes second nature, no sense going all over the place for nothing.

  22. This is some of the best chess content on the internet. Outstanding.

  23. Man what a Intro. I am scared much before the opening

  24. I love how extra doing a whole lecture with a smoke machine on is

  25. whenever I face the Petrov I try to go into the four knights so I can play the Halloween gambit. I don't get it that often, but every single time I've played it I either win back the piece or win the game.

  26. first time viewer I assume this is not some sort of theme and this is just how this guy dresses normally?

  27. We want more videos with intros like this !

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