Halloween Gambit: How Scary Is It? | Chess Openings Explained

Jonathan Schrantz demonstrates the Halloween Gambit (also known as the Schultze-Mueller gambit), where white captures the e5 pawn in the Four Knights. Is it really horrible and just a gimmick? Yes.

Mic interference ends around ten minutes in.

Grigor Minchev vs Aleksandr Petrov, TCh-BUL (1994): C46 Four knights, Schultze-Mueller gambit


  1. I'm watching this again to get in the mood for Halloween!

  2. Interesting to see matt walsh talking about chess and not transwomen

  3. please make video on falkbeer counter gambit

  4. And this is reely good video, enjoyd it 🎃😀

  5. Count Von Henning Schara from transylvania.
    "Non vampire chess instrictor"

  6. tocatta intro . finegold would have been perfect hahaha. anyways great stuff <3

  7. That's my blitz and bullet opening, very aggressive

  8. Haloween gambit makes your knight turns pumpkin before midnight. And this rhymes.

  9. haha I laughed but i think cringy is a word that comes to mind :p

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