Hikaru Nakamura’s Most Brilliant Moves On Chess.com

Hikaru Nakamura (@GMHikaru) has played more than 40,000 games on Chess.com and thousands of brilliant chess moves! Here are five of our favorites as identified by Game Review.

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  1. I have less blunders than hikaru. Mission success

  2. why do trash nms keep commentating on
    they should hire me, a hyper grandmaster, to commentate next time
    my understanding of chess is unparalleled

  3. These moves are not as hard to find if you know that there is something, but imagine finding something like this in a blitz game… Hikaru is an incredible player

  4. obviously the best player since Capa with the quickest sight of the board.

  5. One more move is possible white queen D4

  6. I'm up a piece.
    ~typical grand masters

    Let's sac pieces for content. Alright fine!

    @GMHIKARU literally doesn't care..

  7. Awesome highlights. And great commentary. One suggestion for us noobs… add a color to the last piece moved for easy move tracking.

  8. With this video I finally defined art as a combination of various actions and sequences to produce a unique outcome that can be replicated with precision

  9. He is not just a Japanese guy who speaks English very well, he is not even a human at this point!

  10. Can anyone with diamond profile help me analyze insights on my game

  11. Sorry but I can't accept that move #2 was difficult. It was ridiculously easy to find

  12. If you're an NM and you wouldn't even consider playing Qxh7 you're doing something wrong, it's a two move tactic

  13. he's like the magnus carlsen of chess streaming

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