Hikaru Nakamura’s Most Brilliant Moves On Chess.com

Hikaru Nakamura (@GMHikaru) has played more than 40,000 games on Chess.com and thousands of brilliant chess moves! Here are five of our favorites as identified by Game Review.

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  1. I've only ever played 1 brilliant move

  2. Can i play rock h1 on move 3 so i can use bishop h3 and queen g2

  3. I found Qh7+ in real time, but couldn’t find the other ones.

  4. wow im so proud of myself. the #5 move i already guessed correctly, that got me excited. idk about the rest though.

  5. nice vid but lichess is still better. and they dont try to sell you anything!

  6. Proud to say I saw the moves in the first three games fairly quickly, but the last 2 games were just something else entirely!! I'm happy to have at least seen some of their main ideas, just not exactly how to piece them together. Hikaru is quite the brilliant chess player, thanks for the breakdown Copeland!

  7. Magnus is on every single channel and magazine, but this dumb ass channel posts Hikaru. Lmao. Biased

  8. even including openings, 18% of his moves (almost 1 in 5) in blitz were inaccuracies or worse. shows just how complicated chess really is even at super-GM level

  9. When a man has over half a million best moves and over five thousand brilliant moves in blitz and bullet alone, you know you are not facing your average sigma male anymore…

  10. it's funny how we talk about Hikaru and other gm's….a few years ago they were pretty much unacessible for most of us…like when would you imagine a grandmaster would be reading your comment and aswering your questions live for free?

  11. ok these weren't that hard to see at least the 1st move or two without much thought. I'm rated 700 in blitz but 1400-1500 in puzzle.

  12. Question: will the engine only say it’s a brilliant move if you capitalize on it? Bc there are moves on this list that are just blunders if you don’t continue correctly

  13. Great content here! I would love to see more analyses on "brilliant" moves, esp. in world championship and other classical games.

  14. Bring more these stuffs . It will help all level players to improve . I enjoyed it so much thanks 👍

  15. Is it pretty good that I found all of these except the next to last one? Or that they were pretty obvious to me? I should've played chess more seriously when I was younger.

  16. wow in first postion i thought about 3-4 lines and Q c2 made most sense to me, didn't even consider queen h7

  17. Would have been better to include which side to move so we could try to find the move as well.

  18. Cool video, but Hikaru doesn't care. He literally doesn't care

  19. can anyone guide me to the page where i can see my own breakdown of move quality

  20. Enjoyed watching some of these, although one small thing that would improve the vid: stating which color Hikaru is playing (or which color is next to move), prior to showing his move–that way, it would let lower rating chess viewers (like myself) pause the video and examine the position to see if they could find the right moves.

  21. "counterbrilliancy" is such an awesome word

  22. The moves from first three games aren't really brilliant. That's only tactics that can be solved from the first view. Nothing special, I don't know why computer considered them brilliant.
    Last two moves are really deep 👍

  23. Damn almost 10% of your moves are book moves you know you’ve made it

  24. He uses alternate accounts for the speed runs too, this guys insane

  25. Hikaru, the best, nothing else to say, un fratello de, Impossibile non amarlo

  26. I have only made 9 brilliant moves in rapid and about 9 of them are accidental

  27. Opening the video with The Bishop Pair from Hell, I see

  28. I’m surprised I was actually considering move 5 and it turned out to be right

  29. I just find whats the most illogical move to know the brilliant move

  30. Contra o Supi fez 79.00 de precisão, vai entender
    Supi > nakamura

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