Hikaru Nakamura’s Most Brilliant Moves On Chess.com

Hikaru Nakamura (@GMHikaru) has played more than 40,000 games on Chess.com and thousands of brilliant chess moves! Here are five of our favorites as identified by Game Review.

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  1. Just got my first brilliant move today!!!!!!!!!! Sacd my queen to take back rook for the back rank CM!

  2. similar game with Nxe4. Hikaru was playing agianst Wesley So ………………………………………. 6 brilliant moves

  3. Bro am I Hikaru? I guessed all the moves😂

  4. every move made in this video was so counter intuitive (im a 300)

  5. Hikaru played more brilliant moves than blunders.
    Me with 10 % of my moves being blunders.😂😂

  6. 6:00 — Gothamchess has a whole episode on this one game called "6900 elo chess" where he hypes up the game as Hikaru's best.
    6 brilliant moves in one game.. and I think his opponent was Fabiano Caroana, another 2800 super GM. That's what makes it his best — who he did it to! The Hans Neimann game isn't quite as good as the classic one from 2015 reviewed by Levy.

  7. Too bad hikaru is secretly toxic 🤡🤡🤡

  8. Hikaru is one of the reasons why I got interested in Chess in the first place, he’s in a league of his own

  9. Hikaru doesn’t mind getting mated because he literally doesn’t care. Like literally doesn’t care.

  10. Magnus, Hikaru and Vishy are gifted legends in chess…..my inspiration

  11. saw #4 in just a glance, i feel like these were rushed and you didnt actually look through enough of the brilliants he played

  12. The 3rd example is reminiscent of carlsen's game against karjakin in the final round of the world championship

  13. hikaru blunder still bigger than mine. so im better. grand master here i go

  14. you know you're a pro when you have played more brilliant moves than you have missed wins xD

  15. HIKARU IS TOXIC??! Everybody at the top level is toxic .Dont let anyone fool you on this . Just that most dont show it publicly to protect their image. Chess is one of those games where you can easily get crazy like it happened to Bobby Fischer ,let alone being toxic which is considered fairly normal for them

  16. These moves are the perfect example of why chess is also art. Beautiful.

    Happy birthday, Hikaru!

  17. I have one guys. I just got my first brilliant move ever and was so happy.

  18. I would love to see you covering more of hikaru's brilliant moves. This video was truly brilliant!

  19. Hikaru is far from brilliant, his view on the world is quite simplistic and when Magnus won game 6 he's like "draw 100% Magnus can't win this in 1000000 years" thinking he knows best in everything

  20. I saw the first two brilliant move sequences WOW!!!

  21. I saw number 2 in about 1 second but I was mentally prepared for there to be a beautiful move, if it was during a game maybe I wouldn't have got it…Naka must be just mentally prepared for beautiful moves 24/7 in his chess

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