Hopton Attack against the Dutch Defense 路 Chess Openings

The Hopton Attack is a powerful anti-Dutch weapon for white which is extremely hard to play against.

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The Dutch Defense is a very powerful weapon to add to your repertoire. It鈥檚 an opening system rather than an opening with an exact move order, and it can be reached via many different moves, and played against many different openings white chooses.

It can be employed against the Reti, English, and even Nimzo-Larsen, but the main line Dutch is played against d4.
The idea behind the Dutch is to challenge the center straight away by playing f5, thus taking control of the e4 square, and making it very hard for white to expand in the center. The downside of the move f5 is that it weakens the black king in more ways than one. It weakens the seventh rank, and both diagonals looking at f7.

Both sides have plenty of options at their disposal after the starting moves 1.d4 f5. White could choose to enter the main lines, but he could also play the London system (with Bf4), the Raphael variation (with Nc3), the aggressive Staunton Gambit (with e4, giving up a pawn), or the Hopton attack (Bg5). The normal way for white to play, though, is with c4, g3 and Bg3.

Against these main setups for white black can choose between three different systems withing the Dutch defense; the Leningrad Dutch, the Classical Dutch, and the Stonewall Dutch.

Along with main lines, white has a choice between several anti-Dutch systems. One of them is the very aggressive Hopton attack, in which white develops his bishop to g5 very early on and tries to prevent black from achieving his usual Dutch setups.



  1. Hi please learn how destroy old benoni with white馃尮

  2. Thanks for this video, very useful 馃帀

  3. Love the video. I play the Leningrad as Black. Any updates on the "best" theoretical line against the Hopton?

  4. After I faced Hopton attack first time, I stopped playing Dutch as black and started playing hopton attack as white agains Dutch.

  5. I played the hopton for the first time ever last night. Checkmated him in less than 15. This is the way to go against the Dutch.

  6. Instead of explaining all in one video you can try dividing it into parts. It would much understandable and also results in shorter video.

  7. Great stuff, just need the Trompowsky and Pseudo-Trompowsky and I'm sorted!

  8. please make some classical otb videos i wanna see that thing again after 6 months of lockdown (yes i have a board but that can't teach me Dutch isn't?)

  9. Wow. It seems like you read my mind. I (London player) played against a Dutch yesterday and was trying to find a good way to play against it. Stockfish (unfortunately is one of my coaches. Others being YouTube videos and lichess studies) suggested something like Hopton attack. But there were no good videos or lichess studies about it. And…. here comes your video. Great thanks.

  10. Good material…thumbs up for posting.

    But hoping to see more vids of your play against opponents though.

  11. what about Bg5 in 3rd move? after
    1.d4 f5
    2.c4 Nf6
    3.Bg5 …. and 4.B脳f6
    I hope you answer me

  12. Hi Stjepan! Greetings! This is offtopic as I came from your video on endgame books. I asked the question there and it was not answered. This is about the book "Understanding Chess Endgames" by John Nunn. How about this book. This book also claim 100 ideas (positions?) on endgames. In the content page it is showed that thematically arrange, K+P ending, Rook ending, bishop endings (same and opposite colors), bishop vs knight etc. How this is in compare to De La Villa's book? Thanks in advance!!

  13. Hi Stefan , i only came across your channel recently and i'm currectly enjoying and working my way thru your series on the Dutch as this is a defence i play , i'm hoping you can show an antidote for the Dutch against the London system as i face this a lot when i play blitz. Thanks for your dedication , i also enjoy the videos on your own games as i get an incite into your thinking process.

  14. Oh, I play the Dutch with black with very.much success. I just hope nobody plays the Hopton.馃槺

  15. I鈥檝e watched a lot of titled players鈥 YouTube channels and I must say that very few of them are as informative and organized as yours. Keep up the good work!

  16. great, now I have to learn the Leningrad…

  17. IM gonna learn the French just to not deal with this

  18. Thank you very much for explanation of the line , yesterday I won a game in 5 moves with white in this set up. Carry on the good videos! Amazing. Cheers

  19. Why at 9:13 the queen does not take the pawn in g4 but instead moves the knight?

  20. Made a mistake and took a hiatus to learn go. It鈥檚 a rough ride trying to stay dedicated.

  21. Great video of a great attack against the Dutch. Has a lot of interesting play in these lines.

  22. thank you sir, great educational video…my computer chess played that Hopton attack when i was practicing the Dutch defense and i really was stuck after the second move already …my thinking was it might help if i played the Dutch with white pieces because i have a tempo to prepare for the Hopton attack, and to my surprise i really beat the computer playing the Dutch defense which is very weird indeed.

  23. I watched this video immediately after losing to 1. d4 f5 2. Bg5 h6 3. Bh4 g5 4. e4 gxh4 5. Qh5#

  24. I watched this video during the lunch break at school, shortly after I played against a friend, a very keen Dutch player, and five moves later my opponent lost to checkmate. Subbed!!

  25. The only thing I learned is that I must play e6 before the dutch. I looks like black haven't a good main line against this attack.

  26. Nice one I always played the old Roman 1.d4 f5 2.Nf3 Nf6 3. Bg5 etc…. Used the Hopton tonight worked an absolute treat against ….g6…. f5 etc Thank you!

  27. I just recently switched to playing D4 and man I hated facing the Dutch because I didn't know much about it and I often went a bit too all in on an attack without knowing specifically what to do. So glad you have covered a wide variety of openings so when I looked you had indeed done a good video on white vs. the dutch.

    I think between you and Daniel Naroditsky I learn more than anywhere else easily. Looking forward to your upcoming tournament and maybe eventually some more opening stuff!

  28. Another excellent video. Many thanks for posting.

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