How A Chess Master Learns A New Opening

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  1. You are the best teacher. I love your contents and presentation style. You are gifted. Thank you for helping us improve. πŸ™πŸ’– P.S. I watch each one of your videos at least twice.

  2. Thanks Nelson! Your teaching style is one of the most accessible of anyone I have watched. This video is superb!

  3. Fascinating. I should also use these tools

  4. I use the FCO on Kndl on my phone, it has a feature that loads any diagram you click on into analysis on Lchss. Makes learning from and using it very convenient. πŸ˜€πŸ‘

  5. Been struggling how to go on about learning chess openings, this helped a lot. Thanks!

  6. Well I think openings really have to come with learning new tactics. Because if you can't get the opening right. No matter how good your tactics are. You're really going to be struggling through out the game until you either quite or get βœ… mated. That's my opinion.

  7. This was a very unique and instructional video. I think you should consider making this a series. Minimal editing, covering various openings and lines. Even if a few parts continue from the french. This is because I like how the video makes the lines feel more rooted against evidence, rather than the vast majority of opening videos, which feel more based on reccomendation

  8. I feel like watching this video was more helpful than any other tutorials on systems or openings I've seen so far. Thank you (can you do one for the Italian even though I bet you already know it?)

  9. I think this has been to best video i have watched in a while. very easy to understand your thought process. i appreciate this very much.

  10. Is it normal that I know the entire main line of the giuoco piano at 800

  11. I was wondering if you could one day make a series of openings videos

  12. The problem with fundamental chess opening es que no lo han actualizado en muchos aΓ±os

  13. Great video. Thank you for showing your thought process and a way to use the data base

  14. I've always said in comments on videos that teach an opening, they always start from half way and forget you don't know any of the opening then show the line variations from half way, I have to keep rewinding the video back, then back to where I was. Going back to the start then repeating in your video is the best way I can learn keep doing more like this, even from the very beginning like show the french defense forming, then the 3 lines after that , then the variations. Keep repeating it in the video its no problem it is what players want to learn along with you.

  15. I paused playing chess for a few months lately, mainly because I was going through a very busy period of life but also just to take a hobby break so I wouldn't burn out – but things have quieted down somewhat & I'm back into studying chess! Glad to have a big backlog of Nelson videos to go through πŸ˜‡

  16. Thank you for making me feel dumb with this 16x stint and come out of it with conclusions πŸ˜‚. Very interesting work, cheers

  17. Great video. Teaching us how to fish, rather than giving us food, so to speak. I’d like to see you also cover learning traps while learning a specific opening.

  18. There really is no difference between a 600 and a 1000 player. Hardly at all. Just watch them play each other.

  19. Excellent video! This imo is one of the most helpful videos I've seen lately. While I knew about the different features available in Lichess like the masters db, Lichess db, using stockfish, etc. your video helped put everything together to show how to learn an opening. Thank you very much! I'm looking forward to seeing the next one in this series.

  20. Fantastic video! What impresses me is how much you can understand about the positions just by looking at them and checking the database. I think this is the step that is difficult for me.

  21. Nice video, I find using the date filters is useful, lines that worked years ago may be more blunt nowadays.

  22. Since i am +-1200 my biggest problem with learning openings is that my opponents are to bad to play good moves.

  23. I love playing the French as black. It seems like a drawing game, but it’s actually very positionally and tactically rich. And it’s easy to counterattack if white gets overly aggressive.

  24. This is very helpful thank you, particularly to see your study process and seeing why things do/don't work later on.

  25. I face the French a LOT being a d4 player. I defeat it consistently with the e5 push. The psuedo Landau will appear often enough to setup a strong kingside attack. I believe it technically transposed into the Paulsen variation most often. Sometimes, the Winawer, and Rubenstein. GL. There's lots of tricks and traps in it, I really have begun to wonder why anyone would seriously play the French. Ding might agree πŸ™‚

  26. that's a very good instruction, but honestly, I don't have time or energy to "study" for a game. I'm just playing and learning on the go.

  27. …but I prefer learning openings compared with tactics πŸ™

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