How to Actually Play the BongCloud Opening in 3 Minutes

The most intricately theoretical opening in all of Chess has finally been rendered comprehensible in video form.


  1. I'm high as fuck from a 2g water melon skittlez jeeter and absolutely lost my shit at "king E2"
    For any non-stoners, all those words are real.

  2. Have you ever played chess against a common beetle? It's beneath them. They won't even acknowledge that you want to play with them.

  3. so the first thing I did while watching this video was play the bongcloud opening

  4. “your king is much more dangers than theirs EXCELLENT !!” 😂😂

  5. dunno about that but i can show you the CrackToke method

  6. yo i used this opening 1st time, took the guys queen and he forfeited, thank you 😘

  7. I've never played chess before, but I think I'll start and use this strategy on my first game ever, I think I'll get lucky.

  8. subscribing to distract myself destitute life situations

  9. The only thing cool about a bongcloud is when I drink whiskey after 🤙 fags

  10. You can't be 10 steps ahead of someone who has no idea where they're going.

  11. I love this opening because it attacks everything except your opponent

  12. Okay…so let me get this straight…the horsey thing can jump over other pieces ? Well, that loosens things up quite a bit.

  13. This makes no sense. Unless you're the best player in the world there are still opponents that you can't humiliate. So therefore this is impossible unless you're sandbagging your rating

  14. Your voice smells like a bong cloud. Thumbs down for the video.

  15. "if they are a better chess player than you, why are you playing this?" had me chuckling 🤣

  16. This is not what I expected the video to be I honestly thought it'd be a person just blowing smoke in another person's face as they move their pieces

  17. What if they mirror your king movement as well?

  18. You're really sad and confused if your motivation for playing chess is to humiliate your opponent.

  19. I just mirror everything they do and they get so pissed off, even though I physically can’t win.

  20. I played the opening against a friend. He than thought without talking for 5 minutes and than surrenders. Fun fact we arend friends anymore

  21. The bongcloud opening is amazing. I didn't think Chess, the most skill based game out there, would even have a disrespectful move like this.

  22. Gonna play this against my step-dad next time we play. Will notate the game and leave it in a reply in about a week

  23. most beginners won't recognize the opening, making the attempt to disrespect practically nonexistent

  24. You can't actually castle your king once it has already moved

  25. You forgot about step 2 rewatch the video bc I still don't know how to play

  26. Hi I’m completely new to chess and am going to make this the first opening I learn

  27. I thought this video was going to be about people playing in this weird weed chess tournament called the Bongcloud Open

    one day

  28. I had no idea wesley crusher smoked weed 🤔

  29. This is already known as the "Schneizel el Britannia" opening.

  30. This is truly powerful on blitz as your opponent will take so much time staring at it that their clock will go down so they become pressured into making blunders. I've actually won with this

  31. Who named their kid Bonglord McCloud 😭

  32. People: "Life is like a game of chess"

  33. There are millions of plays in chess and if I'm being honest this video reeked of pompisnous, and cringe. You must've been playing against a cpu.

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