How to Actually Play the BongCloud Opening in 3 Minutes

The most intricately theoretical opening in all of Chess has finally been rendered comprehensible in video form.


  1. I know nothing about chess so i thought this was gonna be about ripping a bong and blowing it in your opponent’s face lmfao

  2. Saving this for later. Didn't know I could laugh so hard being belittled for not knowing enough. "…click here or forever label yourself a casual." wheeze, searching desperately for my inhaler

    Edit: Came for a video that had my favorite cloud chaser as the thumbnail, subbed for goofs and gaffs.

  3. Just beat a 323 rank with this opening. By the end he was so neurologically damaged that I got a free capture on a newly made queen and his last rook. All he had left was a pawn.

  4. I tried the bong cloud and they blundered some hard. Won in 3min

  5. 🤣 congratulations I just subbed to your chanel Bravo.

  6. Could you make a video on the accelerated bongcloud?

  7. Him laughing as he asked you why you're playing this opening got me.

  8. "High level chess tournaments"
    Shows Netflix's fictitious strong wamyn chess player

  9. As someone who has literally never won a game of chess, I will definitely be using this move to keep up my streak 👍

  10. Why did I believe the bonglond McCloud part the first time watching?

  11. I got the bong hit part down. Now what?

  12. This is phenomenal! I randomly picked this video, it's hilarious and informative! Very well-made and I appreciate it

  13. "If they are better at chess than you… why are you playing this opening? [laughter]"
    Truly the best line from it.

  14. lol great just won 3 games in a row using bong cloud thanks to this video!

  15. Looking forward for the Lemmings defence! =)

  16. If both players play bongcloud the game will last hours

  17. I just played a game using this… it’s insane how much it feels like losing until you end up checkmating with your king on their side of the board

  18. Ahhhh, thank you, my good sir, for introducing me to this. Now I refuse to do anything but the bong cloud opening

  19. I have no idea how to play chess and I have done this before not even knowing how bad it is

  20. I thought this was one of those ghetto smosh type parodies and didn’t realize it was a real chess opener until the three minute mark

  21. Did I just get insulted into a new hobby…

  22. "The goal is to show your opponent that you have absolutely no respect for them" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  23. If they bongcloud you back, everyone's a winner.

  24. After watching this video, I immediately played the bongcloud in a game and achieved victory

  25. bruh, I just pull out a sword and stab my opponent, gets 'em off guard every time lol

  26. i am sold this will be my signature move from now on

  27. Me: Let's trade queens and make this a gentleman's duel.
    Opponent: But I'm a simp.
    Me: Then you've already lost.

  28. I don't know if you're being serious or not…. I'm too stoned…. 🤣

  29. Chesser embraced the inherent condescedence of chess

  30. I am the best chess player ever. Ladies chest….boobs..Ima playa…

  31. Why would I feel insulted by the bong cloud opening? It would be proof I was playing a hoople.

  32. I subbed just because your fucking hallarious

  33. I'm pretty sure I was an average 33 year old straight male until I watched this video. Now I'm an average 33 year old gay male.

  34. I've literally lost my mind trying to play this for a year.

  35. Alright, let's do it. -> Proceeds to start a 1 minute 900 rated game.

    Update – He hung a queen for 4 rounds straight without me noticing. Maybe 1 minute chess isn't the best place for me to be trying this.

  36. Welp don’t waste ur time once u get to 2:30 ur f@&$! the rest is all luck

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