How To Checkmate In 7 Moves With Black?

How To Checkmate In 7 Moves With Black?

The Rousseau Gambit is not very well known even at grandmaster level. Use this move f5 to surprise your opponent in the chess opening with black.


  1. I remember seeing this trap somewhere in an Eric Rosen video. It truly is an amazing opening and even if black doesn’t castle and plays g3 it’s still good for black and white has to play perfectly.

  2. most ppl will advance the pawn tho instead of castling into your attack like an idiot.

  3. The last move in the vid:

    White queen to g1: am I a joke to you?

  4. what if he pushes his pawn to g3 instead of castling

  5. When we take out queen to h4, what if the oppnents plays pawn g3 instead of castling
    In doing this the opponent wins our rook se we are down a rook and this trap fails

  6. I played this and missed the mate I'm 500 rated I ralt do suck

  7. "F5"
    *instincts kick in*
    "well, by pressing F5, I can-"

  8. This line is +2 for white if instead of casting you block checkmate with the pawn btw

  9. Just an FYI Gotham has a video on this gambit it’s called the Russeau

  10. “You have to know this” – Some Chess man

  11. Is this the rousseau gambit? I always play this opening but always failed to win, I need to understand this opening more

  12. If he plays italian game i’ll try the blackburne it will be healthy imo

  13. what if instead of casting they play g3 to attack queen?

  14. Lmao what if pawn to G3 when he doesn't take the rook?

  15. "And no one can stop checkmate"
    Me who forgot that Qg2# is checkmate: I just did

  16. When I watch Gothamchess Checkmate moves in 6 or whatever I try it and it works but this you have way too many solutions and I respect you for that

  17. what if the opponent moves the pawn to g3 after you move the queen to h4 attacking the queen?

  18. Just play staffers gambit. You get the same attacking position. And there are many more traps.

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