How To Checkmate In 7 Moves With Black?

How To Checkmate In 7 Moves With Black?

The Rousseau Gambit is not very well known even at grandmaster level. Use this move f5 to surprise your opponent in the chess opening with black.


  1. Black shilling gambit is also one of the best gambits! To destroy fried lovers😂

  2. What if they don’t castle and block with the queen to 2d?

  3. Because of you im basically a god in the start of the game thank you

  4. Slide the Queen and Bait it
    they're gonna take it

    -Bobby Bojanglles

  5. What if they move the pawn to g3 and threaten the queen? The pawn would also be defended by pawn f2?

  6. Doesn't white queen to d2 stop checkmate at the end?

  7. There's so many better moves to easily counter this…

  8. Why wouldnt white take the pawn on f5?

  9. "On the next move, no one can stop checkmate"

    Me: put the Queen next to the king they go into check position, Queen trade then take their Bishop and I think ur up a a piece

  10. This is not gonna work I low elo.
    They will take the pawn ond leave there horse

  11. Why will they defend the pawn when there is a hanging pawn

  12. Everyone on the lower levels is grabbing that f pawn

  13. Can’t they stop mate in one by moving queen to D2?

  14. This is great because everybody in the 800-1000 ranks love playing the fried liver so you frequently get the italian lol

  15. Queen to f1 prevents checkmate in 1 by sacrificing the queen

  16. I always see this and take the pawn. My formation doesnt matter as I usually go offense. Now that I see this video, Im gonna keep taking that pawn 😀

  17. I thought this was gonna be another garbage video of how blackburn-shilling gambit is somehow good

  18. And now noboddy can stop this checkmate

    Chatgpt: 😂😂😂

  19. Why is Charles Leclerc commenting chess?

  20. Great vid but if opponent plays pawn g3 after Qh4 then what to do?pls reply

  21. You should also make a video about how white should play, so if someone does this to us, we know the counter.

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