How to Checkmate Your Opponent in 6 Moves #Shorts

In this video we show you how to win chess with a clever trap known as the Caro-Kann Smothered Mate!

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  1. Is a very watched trick I am try chess game but not checkmate

  2. Can you give buying link for this chess set?

  3. That’s not checkmate a king can move 2 squares on your row and it can jump over the bishop

  4. 0:00
    this is how to checkmate your opponent
    in six moves the game begins with the
    karo khan defense from black
    which is e4 c6 d4
    d5 now white develops the knight to c3
    black captures e4 white captures back
    black goes knight d7 white goes queen e2
    not the best move since it blocks the
    bishop but it does set up a nasty trap
    now if black goes knight f6 white plays
    knight d6 checkmate the king has no
    spaces to move to
    and the pawn can't capture the knight
    because it's pinned by the queen

  5. Played 600 games of Caro as Black and 70 ish games as white. Never happened

  6. as a caro player, i've never even thought of playing Nd7, let alone Nf6 so early

  7. My boi ngl but that knight be lookin like a monkey

  8. There’s a similar trap in the englund gambit

  9. Waiting for a 800 rated player to play caro kann defense 😴

  10. I play the caro-kann and a decent enough player around (1200) knows to play e6

  11. Tbh there aren't gonna be any Caro Kann players in 500 rating

  12. I can’t help but notice the word “if” being tossed around like 5 thousand times

  13. When you don't know how to play the caro Kan💀🤣

  14. It can not seen with your typing

  15. How the heck do you expect a player who knows caro kann to fall for this disgusting trap

  16. Hope my opponent is also watching so that we can execute the plan perfectly 😂😂

  17. The only problem is that if they don't make the right moves to checkmate it or if the opponent is smart enough to know your strategy

  18. we're absolutely sure the opponent will play that

  19. No black piece player will ever take if they cant take back, I could be wrong but im talking with experience here. My rating is below 800 but still.

  20. As a caro kann player. I don't capture that goofy ah pawn 💀😫

  21. Im new to chess can someone explain to me why black can't just take out the horse when it's his turn?

  22. “It begins with Caro Kann”
    Caro Kann people are totally patient

  23. “Yeah play this if your Opponent is 6 years old” 😅

  24. POV : tomorrow there is a chess tournament in your school and your memorizing all the moves

  25. You king and your opposite king are straight

  26. The thing is, as a Caro-Kann player we would challenge the knight by playing Nf6 first, to trade knights and then play the Tartikower

  27. That's a very good move if ,I am telling my opponent where to move so I can check mate them

  28. But what if black move c8 to f5 when you moved your knight to e4

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