How to Checkmate Your Opponent in 6 Moves #Shorts

In this video we show you how to win chess with a clever trap known as the Caro-Kann Smothered Mate!

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  1. so your opponent must be decent enough to play the caro kann, but not good enough to spot this?

  2. This has to be the worst video on earth. No one will spot this if they are good enough to know what the caro kann is l;ol

  3. I am a grandmaster..😁😁

  4. How am I suppose to do? I’m the one who plays caro khann exchange…

  5. In order for trap to be good, it has to prevent opponent from playing a good move, or to be good move for yourself. In this case we are blocking out our bishop, and counting that enemy will play Nf6 instead of logical e6, though it must be a great feeling to pull it off

  6. You see what happens did black doesn’t move how I want them to move?

  7. IF
    my opponent does the same move you did-

  8. So many people fail to understand how useless these videos are. As if you could plan your opponents moves, and the chances of one of these actually happening to you is less likely than getting struck by lightning while riding a flamingo.

  9. I once did that but only once and it was very Lucky because i dont have any idea what happened

  10. You see the problem with these videos is that you can't depend that they're going to play the exact moves you see in this video

  11. Who tf plays knight d7 after knight captures e4

  12. That one pawn that’s a different on black side…

  13. the kinds of game that never happens in my rating haha

  14. I did this trap when i was 850+ rated ,i didnt even knew about it ,just played the moves by thinking and somehow i just saw mate

  15. Who cant see that tho- and if they do your just in a bad position

  16. So why couldn't Black move the pawn and get rid off the knight??

  17. Playing the knight move to block the light squared bishop isnt going to be played ever when playing against the caro Kann. They just attack the knight with the bish, it’s the main line

  18. Yeah, I've played over 200 games in a few months since I started playing again and no one has ever played to Caro Kann against me. You're more likely to mate in 4 with the Scholar's mate than mate in 6 when someone plays the Caro Kann.

  19. Oohh… I resign when my opp. with low elo plays e6… Really no good👎👎

  20. You would not win at checkers with this advice.

  21. We all know black us not going to play Nd7…. hes gonna play Bf5.

  22. Me sitting here with a 498 rating:

  23. cr1tikal: i already knew this big pp strat

  24. 0:34 There is a flaw to this. The King could have escaped diagonally (I don't remember if he could).

  25. How to checkmate against players that don’t know how to play*

  26. The challenge is finding an opponent who studied this caro kann mate but only read the first 5 moves and somehow thought the mate was for black.

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